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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

October #JournalChat Live Event Double Feature with Special Guest, Jill Winski

I am excited to inform my fellow journal keepers of our next #JournalChat Live Event coming in October! What's exciting about this event? It's our First Double Feature! We will have a #JournalChat Live Event on our Facebook Group as well as a #JournalChat Live Twitter chat!

Our Special Guest for both of these Live Events is Jill Winski, who has been a previous guest several times on #JournalChat Live and we are Delighted to have her with us once again!

We all know that when we write a journal entry, we use words, right? Well, for this #JournalChat Live Event our topic will be, Your Journaling: The Meaning of Words, with our Journaling Resource, Knowing Yourself: What Words Inspire You?, authored by Jill. With this journaling exercise, we will focus on making lists and on the meaning of those list of words and how they correlate with each other and how they teach us about Who We Are.

I tried this exercise myself in my journal and was absolutely fascinated with my word meaning discoveries. I think it may be helpful to you who keep journals as a way to learn more about Who You Are and what those meanings of words speak to you right now.

Based on Jill's experience with this journaling exercise of writing words that you love and that you hate, she shows how what she learned about herself can truly help us validate and appreciate Who We Are based on our personality, preferences and purpose in life.

Our Discussion Questions will be:
When you have come to recognize the meaning of specific words, are you more deliberate about your choice of words, whether written or spoken, to communicate with yourself or with others?
When you see what certain words mean to you, whether they are words you love or hate, do they help you validate and appreciate yourself for Who You Are based on your personality, preferences and purpose in life? If so, how?

Jill Winski's BIO:
Jill Winski is a writer, creativity coach and a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. Her own fears inspired her to create The Artist Nest, a safe place to talk about creativity, self and getting unstuck.

Do join us for this #JournalChat Live Event!

Our Double Feature will take place on Thursday, October 2, on our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group with Discussion Questions posted around 2 CST featuring our topic, Your Journaling: The Meaning of Words. Our #JournalChat Live Twitter Chat will take place on Sunday, October 5 at 3 CST.

Jill will be joining us for both #JournalChat Live Events! You are welcome to join us on our Facebook Group and on Twitter for journaling fun and camaraderie.

Remember, when on a #JournalChat Live Twitter Chat, you'll need to use the #JournalChat hashtag in your tweet.

If you aren't a member of our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group, now is a great time to join! Get in on all the great content posted by other journal keepers and let your voice be heard, whether on a daily basis or during our October Live Event!

Your journaling voice is highly valued in our #JournalChat Live journaling community; so do be a part! We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you our journaling practices while you are welcome to share yours.

See you soon!

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