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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event: Part IV Day One of Your Journaling: Just Say Yes! with Special Guests, Sue Ekins, Beth Terrence and Jennifer Morris

Another benefit of journaling from Beth's benefit's list: Access your creativity.
I think this one is my favorite since I know how vitally important it can be to have our creativity as a priority in life. I know when I engage in something that validates who I am, as an artist and individual, expressing myself, that my health benefits. Art is Healing. So I journal about my art a LOT and keep myself accountable to stay with it and make it priority.
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  • Sue Ekins I journal about my writing a lot, too. That is my art although I'm not a disciplined artist yet.
  • Andrea Lewis my journals inspire me to write blog posts especially if there is something I've been working on in my life--I usually share the pearls of wisdom I gain from my experiences.
  • Nathan Ohren This is very different from the Twitter game of trying to say everything in 140 characters. And no more having to remember to put#JournalChat on everything!! Wow. Quite an evolution.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence Hi Nathan! Happy to see you!
  • Dawn Herring Hi Nathan! Welcome aboard our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group Ship!
  • Nathan Ohren You too, Beth. Thanks Dawn!
  • Sue Ekins I agree @Andrea. My journals help me write blog posts, too.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence Yes, I get lots of ideas for blog posts from my journal and as you could probably guess, I also do a blog post topic download to just get ideas for topics. I then cut them them up and put them in my writing idea box for when I feel blocked or just want a prompt for writing.
  • Dawn Herring Journaling is PERFECT for ideas.
  • Andrea Lewis Love the idea of getting writing prompts for writing blog posts Beth!
  • Jen Mor YES! One of the biggest benefits I have received from journaling is I have somehow magically tapped into this inner wellspring of creativity. I have always considered myself to be a reasonably creative person, but over the past 10 or so years I have really lost touch with that part of myself. I actually wrote about this in a journal entry recently. But since I have taken up journaling as part of my daily routine, it is like I have opened the channel for my creativity! I am like a different person - I'm painting, buying art supplies I never knew existed, taking creative risks and daring to create things I would never have tried before. It seems a bit simple to say that journaling allowed this to happen, but I think it is opening up a dialogue with my inner self - the true part of me that gets lost in the everyday jumble of life - and also, each day I journal I tap into my inner courage. It has literally been life changing in this regard - I cannot overstate that!
  • Sue Ekins Jen Mor that sounds a lot like what Julia Cameron teaches about morning pages freeing up our creativity.
  • Dawn Herring This is wonderful, Jen. Wow. Tapping into that creative part of yourself to give voice to what's inside. Opening up the dialogue with Who You Are. What a wonderful testament!
  • Jen Mor It has been amazing. I can't imagine how I would live without it now - I feel more like 'myself' than I ever have, if that makes sense!
  • Dawn Herring Yes, Jen, It DOES make sense. You are honoring Who You Are very deliberately. You are a true example of what Journaling can do!
  • Beth shared this link in the comments so I thought I would post it in it's own status box.
    Beth shares: I wanted to share this post on holistic self-care,which offers a short journaling exploration at the end. I use this as an opening to create a new self-care plan with my clients and I use it as part of my personal self-care regimen but doing it at least once a month or more if needed.
    “To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor ...
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One of the benefits to journaling for our health is the balance we can begin to experience as we journal and follow what we discover and do what we know we need.
It's so easy to live in extremes or feel overwhelmed by our every day stress. Journalnig helps us clue in on what we feel, what we know to be true and to the well being of our bodies, minds and spirits.
When we do this, we are Honoring Who We Are.
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