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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#JournalChat Comes to Periscope!

Hello to my fellow journal keepers and #JournalChat Live contributors and readers!

I wanted to let you know that I am actively a part of the Periscope community. Periscope is an app you can download on your Smart Phone and either watch/engage in live broadcasting. I talk to you direct by live video and you can comment on what I discuss. You can follow me @DawnHerring where I talk about Creativity, Building Your Creative Practice, where I talk about Refreshing yourself and Investing in Yourself in 2016, and I am also sharing excerpts from #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE contributions from those who share on their blogs about their journaling practice, based on the topic I share in the invite.

If you'd like to join me there, just download the app, log in with your Twitter account, and follow me for fab creativity and journaling and art journaling and watercolor discussions! I'm having a blast and would love for this delightful #JournalChat Live community to join me there!

You don't have to do any broadcasting yourself. Not necessary. But you can join me live when I go live and contribute YOUR JOURNALING VOICE to the conversation as well as your 5 Minute Refresh Ideas and Your Creative Practice.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and having a #JournalChatJam good time! Won't you join me?

You can also join our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group where we share all kinds of cool links that take you to inspiring content to keep you journaling and art journaling to enhance the quality of your life.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I am sooooo excited to announce our very first #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE for this New Year of 2016!! Yay!

OPEN HOUSE, you say? Yes, Indeed.

I love the approach of offering a juicy journal keeping topic for all you journal keeping enthusiasts so YOU have the opportunity to share YOUR JOURNALING VOICE with our community and around the world on Social Media. Yay!

So, we are already in the month of January as we've kicked off this New Year of 2016. Sooooo, I've decided to hold the OPEN HOUSE for January and February.

And our Terrific Topic is....(drum roll, please!) Your Journaling: The Greatest Investment. Ah yes! You may be asking, what do you mean by the Greatest Investment?

Allow me to explain.

We all have things in our lives that have truly impacted our daily experience for the better. Well, why not share that story, right?

In the #JournalChat context, this is what I'm looking for:
I would love to know if journaling has been one of the Greatest Investments in your life OR if Keeping a Journal has LED YOU to one of the Greatest Investments of your life.

We keep journals to express ourselves, to create positive change, and become more personally empowered, right? So, we may see journaling as one of the Greatest Investments of our lives. AND/OR we may have experienced clarity and clear direction as a RESULT of our journaling practice that has led us to something that truly changed our lives for the better.

Whatever angle you choose to share The Greatest Investment is totally up to you: Whether it's journaling itself or something that journaling helped you discover. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
I thought so!

I also have SUPER FABULOUS NEWS in regards to this #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE: I am now EXPANDING our venue to not only focus on written journaling but Also VISUAL JOURNALING. This can include Art Journaling, Collage, Doodling, etc. However you do Visual Journaling, you can create a Visual in your art journal and share your Greatest Investment visually with your blog post.

I happen to be a very Visual Artist so I've decided to offer opportunity for those who are primarily Visual in their journaling process. And you can also mix it up and share text and image to express The Greatest Investment in your life.

This Great Investment can be in Any Dimension of your life: Relationships, personal growth, friendships, opportunities both personally and professionally, etc. (Hint: My Greatest Investment enables me in my Creative Life...ssshhh. I'll sharing in my submission, so stay tuned!)

If you are interested in being a part of our January/February #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE and would like to have your blog post featured, check out the information below.

Here are the Refreshing Guidelines so you know how you can make the most of sharing your GREATEST INVESTMENT STORY:

1. You can write a blog post featuring Your Greatest Investment, either as your journaling/art journaling practice or what that practice led you to. 

2. You can include a NOTE that you are writing about your Greatest Investment as a contribution of being a part of our #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE. If you include a LINK to www.dawnherring.net , which is my website, I will share a link to your Greatest Investment Post on my website on my #JournalChat Live Favorites Page. 

3. Once your post is published on your blog, you are welcome to send me a link to your post direct to me by email at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com; if you send me a link, I will share it personally on social media as a part of our JANUARY/FEBRUARY OPEN HOUSE EVENT. Please include your Twitter handle. 

4. You are welcome to share your post on Twitter; if you use the hashtag #JournalChat and #OPENHOUSE, I will RT it!

5. Once all of the submissions are in for the months of January/February and have been shared on Social Media, I may choose one that resonates the most with me and/or has truly touched my heart in a deep way and share it very specifically (with your permission, of course) on a LIVE PERISCOPE BROADCAST! Yes! I will mention you as author of the post and I will read a portion of it so others can hear your fabulous JOURNALING VOICE.

And that's why I heartily invite you to JOIN ME on Periscope, the new Live Video Broadcast Social Media App that I am engaging in. (I have posted several scopes at my blog, Refresh Daily.) Just connect with me @DawnHerring on Periscope. I will, of course, let you know who has been chosen and when I'll be going live to share this fabulous content.

So, there you have it! Do join us for our #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE as we kick off this Fabulous New Year of 2016. Let's talk about our Greatest Investment in our Journaling Community. Our Stories are so important and the value of sharing them cannot be overstated.

I look forward to your Greatest Investment stories, whether they be journaling/art journaling based or if your practice led you right to it. Are you ready? Great! I'll be looking for your emails sharing your links to your blog posts...

And remember, YOUR JOURNALING VOICE is what makes #JournalChat Live what it is. And that is very fine indeed!

And if you're not a member of our #JournalChat Live Community on our Facebook Group, do join us! We share lots of inspiring journaling content, such as blog posts, articles, prompts, and encouragement to keep you writing and creating in your journals!

Have a fabulous time telling your Greatest Investment Story, share it with me by email,  and I'll see you around on the #JournalChat Live Social Media Circuit!

Have the BEST NEW YEAR EVER with your journal!