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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#JournalChat Comes to Periscope!

Hello to my fellow journal keepers and #JournalChat Live contributors and readers!

I wanted to let you know that I am actively a part of the Periscope community. Periscope is an app you can download on your Smart Phone and either watch/engage in live broadcasting. I talk to you direct by live video and you can comment on what I discuss. You can follow me @DawnHerring where I talk about Creativity, Building Your Creative Practice, where I talk about Refreshing yourself and Investing in Yourself in 2016, and I am also sharing excerpts from #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE contributions from those who share on their blogs about their journaling practice, based on the topic I share in the invite.

If you'd like to join me there, just download the app, log in with your Twitter account, and follow me for fab creativity and journaling and art journaling and watercolor discussions! I'm having a blast and would love for this delightful #JournalChat Live community to join me there!

You don't have to do any broadcasting yourself. Not necessary. But you can join me live when I go live and contribute YOUR JOURNALING VOICE to the conversation as well as your 5 Minute Refresh Ideas and Your Creative Practice.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and having a #JournalChatJam good time! Won't you join me?

You can also join our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group where we share all kinds of cool links that take you to inspiring content to keep you journaling and art journaling to enhance the quality of your life.


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