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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event: Part III Day One of Your Journaling: Just Say Yes! with Special Guests, Sue Ekins, Beth Terrence and Jennifer Morris

Beth shares: One of the things I learned awhile back was how writing it down really is a way of bringing the shadow aspects of ourselves into the light. I was challenged to write a part of my story for a shamanic training I was doing. It was incredibly difficult and incredibly healing. When we put things on paper we are making it more real than when it is floating in our heads. This is key in problem solving and healing, too.
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Beth shares: I would say I have seen direct and indirect results and continue to be amazed by the many benefits of journaling. I have used journaling as a way to explore how I can listen to and support my body and create self-care plans that work for me. Also, as Andrea shared, I find it a great way to get to what I am feeling on a deeper level.
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Journaling is a way to listen to our bodies; and you know what's really amazing? When we listen, it talks! And when we pay attention and truly take care of our bodies as we know to do, we will greatly benefit.
And once you get started, you'll want to stay connected, even on a daily basis. Listen Learn and Live!
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