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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event: Part II Day One of Your Journaling: Just Say Yes! with Special Guests, Sue Ekins, Beth Terrence and Jennifer Morris

Beth shares: I have been working as a holistic health practitioner and facilitator for many years and used journaling as tool for creating change but was excited to learn of the research being done on the health benefits of journaling.
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One of the things on Beth's list of journaling benefits is Solve problems more effectively.
I think when we're able to resolve issues and solve problems with our journals, that alone can enable us to be healthier as we release the angst that builds up and put it on the page.
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  • Andrea Lewis likes this.
  • Sue Ekins Yes, and it can help us cement our resolve regarding those problems. We've written it down--it's in black and white so we don't need to continue the angst.
  • Dawn Herring There you go, Sue! We hold ourselves accountable with our journals for better health! And for fab decisions that make a real difference in our well being. 
  • Andrea Lewis I completely agree Dawn! We're not walking around playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda and the scenarios that we tend to create in our heads based on our fears. Once it's down on paper--it's out of heads and we find peace and a confidence to let go!
  • Sue Ekins I used to think I needed an accountability partner to hold me to my agreements with myself. I'm slowly realizing I can do that via my journal. Go back and LOOK at what I said I wanted to do, etc. Am I doing it.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence One of the things I learned awhile back was how writing it down really is a way of bringing the shadow aspects of ourselves into the light. I was challenged to write a part of my story for a shamanic training I was doing. It was incredibly difficult and incredibly healing. When we put things on paper we are making it more real than when it is floating in our heads. This is key in problem solving and healing, too.
  • Dawn Herring Powerful statement, Andrea. It's taking action based on what we know is true!
  • Jen Mor I think this is what a lot of people use their journals for - sorting out issues and working through problems. I know it has been invaluable for me to do this. But, I think there are other benefits above and beyond using a journal for this, that will have an impact on our physical health. I found the more I journaled about the good (as well as the the bad) I had improvements in my health.
  • Dawn Herring I agree, Jen. What you said about journaling about the good...it increases that gratitude vibe which can in turn make us feel physically better.
  • Sue Ekins Yes, sometimes we want to vent with our journaling, but it is more beneficial to think about what we're grateful for or what's going right in our lives.
  • Dawn Herring I think there's a balance we can keep...releasing our angst and also reveling in what delights us. It all gets voice and validation on the page.
  • Andrea Lewis Sue and Dawn, it's all relevant--it's what keeps us in balance.
  • Jen Mor Yeah, it's about a balance. But, I find that it's all part of the cycles of life. I go through periods where my entries are noticeably more doom and gloom, then others where each day I have so many positive and inspired things to say! I just try to go...See More
  • Dawn Herring I totally get you, Jen; our life goes through cycles. Some are more challenging than others, and if we're honest, we give validation and appreciation to ourselves as we work through those challenges.
Beth shares: Journaling is a great way to get clarity about feelings and choices in life. Sometimes I just do a words/feelings download to clear my mind and then find that that's where I uncover what I really want to be saying YES to.
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