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Friday, September 5, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event: Part IV Day Three of Your Journaling: Just Say Yes! with Special Guests, Sue Ekins, Beth Terrence and Jennifer Morris

I find making change more natural when I recognize it in my journal and also combine my other nurturing habits/activities with it to give myself a boost toward positive change. Our attitudes and mindset can be aligned with Who We Are and what we want to accomplish and journaling helps us do that.
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  • Sue Ekins Yes Dawn Herring. Sometimes we're so busy taking care of everyone else that we don't take care of ourselves! One time I realized I was putting my dog's welfare above MY needs for the day.
  • Dawn Herring Wow, you're one committed pet owner, Sue Yes, our needs need to come first, top priority, and one of those needs is determining positive change in our journals. We must make time for this discernment since it will affect how we experience life!
  • Sue Ekins The tag line for my blog (Women Making Strides) is "Be a Leader in Your Own Life." I am not an expert on that, but I am working on it. Journaling is a great tool to help us be leaders in our own lives.
  • Dawn Herring Leaders in our OWN Lives; we can be examples of leadership by making positive change a priority and by nurturing ourselves toward it. I love your vibe on your blog, Sue. Great point.
  • Jill Winski Love that, too, Sue -- what a wonderful concept.
  • Sue Ekins Thank you Dawn and Jill.
  • Jen Mor Yes I think it's really important when we want to make positive changes that we nurture and reward ourselves. Also, I've found that if the change involves stopping a behaviour (like overeating, or drinking or smoking or whatever) - we need to replace that behaviour with something else. If we have been doing whatever it is for a long time, it serves some sort of purpose. If we want to take it out of our lives then we need to find something else to serve that purpose. In the past I've tried to cut a lot of things out of my diet and stop eating junk foods without acknowledging that it does serve a purpose and if I want to stop then I need to add something else in to make up for it. I've found using my journal really helpful in this regard - brainstorming different things I could add in, instead, so that I'm more likely to stick with the positive changes.
  • Dawn Herring I recognize you're addressing a lifestyle issue here, Jen. Great point that each habit we want to replace serves a purpose; so we need to find those authentic replacements based on Who We Are. Then we'll stick with it!
  • Sue Ekins Jen Mor you're right journaling helps us figure out those things.
  • Carrie Aulenbacher Yes, sometimes that bag of Doritos is only there because it's the safest thing for me to crunch! Hard to change, yet so worth that effort every day!
  • Sue Ekins Yes Carrie Aulenbacher--I had to analyze why I was eating ice cream every day and whether something else would do. 
  • Sue Ekins Regarding those nurturing habits, we have to decide "I'm worth it."
  • Dawn Herring Ooooh, I like that! Sue. And we ARE. 
  • Sue Ekins And our kids learn from our example that THEY'RE worth it too. They learn to nurture themselves.
  • Carrie Aulenbacher As for my bag of Doritos, I sometimes reach for that because there is no supportive ear available. On some nights when that supportive friend cannot be found and all I have is a journal and a quiet room, I can get pretty disgusted. And looking back through entries of too many friends saying they are "too busy" really gets to be hurtful. At least a Dorito is never too busy for me. There's not much that journaling can change about friends like that!
  • Carrie Aulenbacher I mean, I CAN decide to move onto friends who DO have time for me, but while I'm waiting to discover them, things can get awfully lonely.
  • Sue Ekins Sorry to hear that, Carrie Aulenbacher. You might be right about it being time to find some new friends. It is insightful of you to see that that's what the Doritos are really all about.
  • Dawn Herring Carrie, I hope you can find some solace and support right here with this journaling group. Thanks so much for sharing your struggle. Your honesty takes courage. 
  • Sue Ekins I agree with Dawn Herring. We've got a great group here with a lot in common.
  • Sue Ekins In any case Carrie Aulenbacher, be gentle with yourself during this difficult time.
  • Carrie Aulenbacher And I'm glad to have stumbled onto this group; it's fantastic discussion! But when one has that hole, I urge others to find a person in reality, not on a computer screen only. I just don't want to retreat to only relying on these types of connections - and having a young child that requires a lot of time limits one's outings at the present. It's a tough row to hoe!
  • Dawn Herring I totally agree, Carrie. It's important to have those in person connections. You may want to detail what kind of person would resonate with you in your journal and picture what that might look like. Maybe have conversation in your journal. It just might trigger an energy shift for you!
  • Princess Poetry Change seems to happen ever so slowly when I'm counting minutes. When I'm counting Journal entries, it takes on an entirely new form.
  • Jill Winski Just jumping back in here as I had to step away, but I wanted to add that I agree about the importance of those in-person connections, and that it can be a challenge to find them sometimes. Great discussion and sharing here!
  • Dawn Herring Thanks for your input, Jill

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