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Friday, May 30, 2014

Part II #JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion on 5/29/14 with special guest, Marianne Rossi; Topic: Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are

Tomorrow I'll be posting the question at an earlier time. Be sure to tune in to our final question for this discussion of Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are. I'll give you a hint on the particular subject matter...Being Centered with our journaling practice. Do join us!
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Well my friends, it's time for me to log off. It's has been a fabulous chat on Rules or the lack thereof. Thanks for joining me today and thanks toMarianne, our special guest.
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I think when I approach my journalnig practice intuitively, that's why it flows best. No Rules. Just working or playing with what I am drawn to right now to learn more about Who I Am and Listen for that Inner Wisdom that helps us figure life out.
Journaling is never meant to overwhelm; just to help us align with Who We Are and our authentic path. That's the empowering gift of journaling.
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Since Journaling enables us to Listen to Who We Are, it obviously takes courage, doesn't it? It's not always easy to reckon with what we learn, but we can honor the process by paying attention and then being gentle with ourselves.
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So, we've looked at dating our entries, frequency of our entries, using different techniques with our entries, and book resources on journaling.
Are there any other Rules we've run into that we either found helpful or restrictive?
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Journaling books are great resources for our journaling practice. You can often find new ideas and approaches that resonate as you customize what works for you.
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There was a time when all I did was write a summary of my day in the evening, and that suited me just fine. But when I played with other ideas, some stuck because they were FUN like doodling and mind mapping.
If what you choose to use in your journal entries always feels like work or like following Rules, it may be time to try something new to break out of your journal box! 
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We may run into something we love and adapt into our journal practice. We may try it for a while; then it may go stale after a few entries.
If we stay aware of using a certain approach that no longer feels right for us, we will lessen the "risk" of creating a Rule for ourselves that doesn't align with Who We Are.
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  • Sue Ekins Do you think mindmapping can be classified as a journaling approach?
  • Dawn Herring Oh absolutely, Sue. We actually touched on that technique briefly yesterday. I just started using it more since I've moved from a lined journal to sketchbooks, which gives me more freedom to draw and do different things on the page. I think mind mapping is awesome. Gave me some serious insight.
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  • Sue Ekins I like it too. Hmm - maybe I'll get myself a sketchbook! I don't think of myself as a visual artist but I could start by mindmapping in it.
  • Dawn Herring Hey, you never know what you'll come up with, Sue. That's a great idea! Often when we try one thing, then we try another, and then...well it just keeps getting better and it's FUN. 
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  • Sue Ekins Dawn your passion for journaling is always inspiring.
  • Dawn Herring Why, thanks for the kind word, Sue. I appreciate your feedback and your enthusiasm. 
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I think the more we pay attention to our individual needs in our journaling practice, it's a great start to our Why and helps us avoid feeling obligated to following any certain rule.
We can make them up as we go along if we feel we need structure.
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When I first started to journal, I did so sporadically. Over time I started to record my entries each evening. Then I added the morning entry a couple of years ago. Now I sometimes write an entry in midday.
You could consider my number of entries, Rules of my journaling practice, but they aren't. I simply find journaling a wonderful engagement that I look forward to.
Does anyone see how often to write a journal entry as a RULE in the journaling world?

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