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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion on May 27 with Special Guest Marianne Rossi; Topic: Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are

I think what makes a wonderful journaling practice, no matter what your age, is that it reflects what matters to you. I believe if you keep a journal for a specific purpose to enhance Who You Are, it can be key to journaling longevity.
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi And it's OK that the journaling practice changes over time, just as we change over time.
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi We can even stop journaling for a while and come back to it. The journal will always be there to welcome us back when we need it:)
  • Dawn Herring That's a good point, Marianne. You may find that your journaling habit fluctuates based on your needs. For me, I have found more of it better than less of it. I just love sharing what is on my mind; it gives me so much clarity and place to validate where I am and what I think, which, for me, has empowering value. 
Marianne makes a good point: what is journaling anyway? It's what you make it, right? If you wrote stuff down when you were young, I'd say that constitutes journaling. When we express ourselves in our youth, we're listening to Who We are, and that's what matters.
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I love the word you used, Marianne, "define." Since young people are looking to find ways to define Who They Are, would you recommend journaling to them to help them find their way to defining themselves, to really know Who They Are?
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi Absolutely! You're never too young (or too old) to journal, and young people who are trying to define themselves could definitely benefit from journaling. I wish I'd done more journaling in my youth. On the other hand, aren't we continuously defining ourselves?
  • Dawn Herring Yes, we are, since we're constantly changing; and journaling helps us recognize those changes. It's an interesting revelation to see who we were compared to who we are now, though I'm sure some things remain the same. 
  • Dawn Herring
I love learning about young people who use a journal. Some use it to pray, others use it to write a novel; some keep a journal to record their favorite songs or books. The ideas are wide open. Each item or journal entry enables a young person to Listen To Who They Are.
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi
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  • Dawn Herring
My answer: I did not keep the type of journal I keep today. My approach I did not consider journaling; I used a regular school notebook to write opinion pieces and song lyrics. But it was my way of capturing my Voice and what mattered to me.
I wish I had learned or known how to keep a journal back then like I do now. But I must also honor what I *did* do since I did listen to what mattered to me.
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Let's welcome Marianne Ingheim Rossi back as Special Guest today as we continue our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Discussion with our topic, Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.
Marianne's Post, Journaling and the Authentic Life, is our journaling resource.
Our focus question:
Did you keep a journal in your youth to capture and listen to Who You Were?
Mar27Journaling and the authentic lifePosted on March 27, 2014 by...
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  • Liz Shaw I never kept a journal as a kid, but I work with troubled teens now. They all journal. We require it, but they would do it even if we didn't. They have a history of being called liars and feeling like no one ever listens to them. A journal always listens, never judges, and never interrupts.
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  • Dawn Herring Liz, thanks so much for sharing this; it doesn't surprise me that journaling is such a powerful tool for youth to listen to themselves and validate who they are. I am grateful that you are working with kids who need help and that journaling is part of that help. That is amazing.
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