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Thursday, May 29, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion Part II 5/28/14 Topic: Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are with special guest Marianne Rossi

It has been a delightful afternoon with you all and with special guestMarianne Ingheim Rossi. I must log off for dinner. Feel free to continue...
Remember tomorrow Marianne returns and we will post another question focused on No Rules as we continue our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Discussion with our topic Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.
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We can even use our journal and art journals to honor our struggles. I think it's fascinating that when we are unable to do something with our dominant hand, we can use our non dominant hand, and then we end up learning so much more about Who We Are. It truly opens up new pathways and unexpected discoveries.
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Apparently we've hit on a popular subject of being creative and playful with our journaling practice. It helps us loosen up, try new things and just have a good time instead of worrying about how it will look or if you'll make a mess.
I give you all permission to make a mess! Sometimes messes speak to us in ways neatness and orderliness do not! Just go for it. You may just feel your spirit lift and a lightness come upon you as a result.
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Being free to express ourselves in whatever way suits us, honoring our preferences and personality, is one of the gifts journaling and art journaling have to offer us. We can just learn and listen and love the process and not worry about the outcome. When we're free in our expression, we learn something about ourselves that might even be life changing!
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If I can call art journaling a technique (there, I just did! :)), I would heartily recommend it to ANYONE no matter who you are. Expressing yourself in whatever way feels right, text, color, texture, layering, drawing, painting, or anything else you do, is a terrific way to Listen to Who You Are. LOVE IT.
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Marianne noted how much I talk about fun and play. I find these two elements imperative to well being; and our journals and art journals and other activities that lift our spirits can play such a vital role in listening to Who We Are. When we make space for them, it can make all the difference in the quality of our life experience.
So give yourself permission to have FUN and PLAY in your journal!
You know what else I love about doodling that speaks to me? It doesn't have to be artistic. As an artist, it gives me space to just put pen to paper and see what comes out. No judgment, no expectation. Just fun and inspiration. 
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