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Saturday, May 31, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion on 5/30/14 with special guest, Marianne Rossi; Topic: Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are

That wraps up our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Discussion with our topic, Your Journaling: Listen To Who You Are. Very Special Thanks to our very special guest, Marianne Ingheim Rossi, who has given us such terrific insight throughout this week. Thank you, Marianne, for making this time so rich and meaningful.
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Do you ever find yourself feeling like you've been "thrown into the bushes" and taken off guard by something in your day. Do you feel like something is "off" somewhere?
Journaling helps us regain and retain our center when something unexpected throws us out of it. The sooner we get centered, the more effective and authentic our day will be.

Marianne shares in her post how journaling enables her to listen to that still small voice of wisdom; that's the voice that guides our days if we make the intention to follow that wisdom. That wisdom centers us so we can live our days in fulfilling empowering ways.
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There is power in intention, and when we use our journals to center ourselves, we can create a powerful place of intention so as we do our day, we are focused, aware and empowered to make our mark in the world.
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  • Andrea Lewis Yes Dawn! We get to choose how we want to feel moment to moment and our journals can help us stay centered. We are creators = active participant in our lives as opposed to passive and reactive.
  • Dawn Herring And it takes a specific type of mindset that our journaling can help build to create such delightful days; it's well worth the time invested for the positive change it can bring!

My answer to Centering: I find that when I write a journal entry, it helps me stay focused on what I want to accomplish, it helps me stay centered in what really matters to me, and works to create awareness of when I'm off my true path so I can get back on it as soon as possible! Being honest with myself is HUGE when it comes to the effectiveness of my journaling centering benefits.
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  • Andrea Lewis Dawn, I agree about being honest in our journals. It's important for me as well and yes it helps me stay grounded = true to myself.
  • Dawn Herring Excellent, Andrea and welcome! I agree that it helps with grounding ourselves. It's like instead of just letting the day happen as it will, we are creators of our day, starting in our center and walking authentically from that place, with our journals.
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi So do you guys feel like you know when you're not being honest with yourself? I find that I second-guess myself, even in my journal sometimes. I'll write one thing, then write something else that seems to totally contradict what I said before, and I wonder, can it all be true? How do we know when we are being totally honest with ourselves?
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I suppose, like Whitman said, we do contradict ourselves, we do contain multitudes. What do you guys think?
  • Dawn Herring That's a good question, Marianne. I usually eventually figure out if I'm working with illusion (not being honest) or with truth (what's real). It will feel true when I write it. Especially if I write it more than once.
  • Andrea Lewis I agree with both your points Marianne and Dawn, but I've also discovered that as I evolve and work things through my journalling my awareness increases = CLARITY.
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  • Dawn Herring Awesome, Andrea. Clarity is one of the greatest benefits that comes with journaling; and with clarity comes authenticity. They go hand in hand. That's what makes journaling so empowering. 
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Let us welcome back special guest Marianne Ingheim Rossi for our final day of our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Group Discussion with our topic, Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.
Today's Question: How does your journal keep you centered in Who You Are?
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