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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion on May 26 with special guest, Marianne Rossi; Topic: Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are

Just letting you guys know I'm signing off for the evening. I look forward to continuing our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook discussion with special guest,Marianne Ingheim Rossi as we focus on Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are. New question for tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned! Have a fab evening!
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I love what Marianne shared about processing the Voice that feels the most like "me." That sounds to me like an intuitive process. Our emotions are very powerful and telling when we use them as a tool to "feel" our way around Who We Are. We all have an internal knowing of sorts; if we pay closer attention to that Knowing, we will learn so much about ourselves.
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My answer to the question: There are many voices I hear; but I notice the difference in the voice of Who I Am or my Higher Self or my Intuition (many names for this voice of wisdom!). When I do a Q & A in my journal, this is when that Voice is the clearest and the loudest. I am often surprised by what this voice has to say. It really does get to the point but is also detailed. It is a voice that is true and can be relied on. I think it's awesome that's it's available any time I need it! How about you?
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In case you didn't see it before, Our Question for today ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live discussion with special guest Marianne Ingheim Rossi is Are you able to discern your voice from other voices through your journaling practice?
Let your Voice be heard and questions are welcome as well. 
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi It's a continuous process of evaluating what feels like Me and what doesn't. I tend to get caught up in what other people think and I have a really hard time making decisions. Journaling helps me weed out the voices that don't feel right to me. And for decision-making it's an invaluable tool!
  • Dawn Herring Decision making is huge; and using our journaling practice to discern what feels right is an empowering process, Marianne. We honor Who We Are we do this. Then we can feel more confident in making those decisions. More power to us!!
  • Dawn Herring
I'm loving how we can use the Dialogue technique to listen to the various voices of Inner Critic and Higher Self and even our Tired Voice so we know what's really going on inside our hearts. Our journaling practice can really help us listen to Who We are and what really matters to us.
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Our journaling resource for this week's ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Discussion with special guest, Marianne Ingheim Rossi, is Journaling and the Authentic Life.
By incorporating new journaling techniques, each with its own focus and...
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I would say that the most defined voice many folks hear is the voice of the challenger or critic as some call it. I think it's a nuisance and can undermine self confidence. That's why I initiate the Higher Self since it doesn't have that kind of tone.
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I sometimes write a dialogue with my Inner Critic. It's been very helpful, especially when I find myself being very critical of my critic! What I've discovered is that my Inner Critic is just trying to keep me safe, so I've been able to have more compa...See More
  • Dawn Herring Great to have you, Marianne! I love your self compassion focus when it comes to what the critic might be saying. Dialogue has become one of my favorites that I use most often.
  • Dawn Herring
Please welcome Marianne Ingheim Rossi as Special Guest today as we kick off our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Discussion with our focused topic of Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.
Today's Question:
Are you able to discern your voice from other voices through your journaling practice?
All are welcome to answer this question as part of our discussion. Questions are also welcome for Marianne. ...
See More
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