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Friday, May 23, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion Featuring Marianne Rossi as Special Guest

I am excited to share with you some good news!

I have created a new OPEN FORUM #JournalChat Live Facebook Group for #JournalChat Live discussion, for information, and for general journaling conversation as we share, ask questions and learn more about each other's practices and about our own. If you keep a journal or want to, you are welcome to join us for the fun and camaraderie!

And joining us for Dawn's #JournalChat Choice for June is Marianne Rossi of Journaling for Your Life featuring her blog post, Journaling and the Authentic Life

Marianne shares about the history of her journaling practice and the different ways journaling has helped her find her voice and listen to Who She Is. She also shares the different techniques she has used to listen carefully to what her life says.

Starting May 26th, Special Guest Marianne will be joining us on the Facebook Group for discussion with each day having a featured question under the topic of Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.

You are welcome to join our new #JournalChat Live Facebook Group to check out each day's question and join the conversation with Marianne.

Please note: #JournalChat Live will be on holiday for June 1st on Twitter; there will be no Sunday Session.

Marianne Rossi's Bio:
Marianne Rossi is a certified Journal to the Self® instructor and is passionate about the power of writing for healing and growth. She has a Master’s degree in American Literature, has taught English overseas, but gave up academia to explore her own creativity. She's currently writing a memoir in addition to working on other creative projects. Journaling (and therapy) has helped her find her path. It has helped her heal from the past, grow into herself, and thrive as a creative being.

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