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Friday, May 30, 2014

Part I #JournalChat Live Facebook Group Discussion on 5/29/14 with special guest, Marianne Rossi; Topic: Your Journaling: Listen To Who You Are

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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I don't think there should be a rule about how often you journal.
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I journal when I need to, and I know with myself that if too many days have gone by and I haven't journaled, then I need to. I get scattered and unfocused when I don't journal. So, even though it's not a rule for me, I do know that I can't go day after day without journaling.
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  • Dawn Herring I don't think so either. What works for me may not work for another. We must honor our individual preferences.
  • Dawn Herring That's a really good point, Marianne.
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi Exactly. It's all part of listening to who you are:)
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I tried to do Julia Cameron's Morning Pages for a while, but I am so not a morning person. I would fall asleep doing them! So I ended up doing them in the middle of the day. I understand why doing them in the morning is a good idea, but it just didn't work for me.
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  • Dawn Herring Yes, it is; perfect example of that! Well stated, Marianne
  • Sue Ekins Got to admit - I'm still pretty sporadic, but that works for me. For a time I was journaling daily - but it's not been a high priority recently. Lately I journal when I've got something to work out, and THAT has been very helpful.
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  • Dawn Herring I know exactly what you mean with the Morning Pages she recommends; I tried it as well, with the three pages, which was too long for me. I found it tiresome rather than enjoyable. I just record what I want to and use both hands alternately. I learn more that way.
  • Dawn Herring Welcome, Sue! Sporadic is fine; if you're listening to when you need it and following that authentic path and it works for you, wonderful! If it makes a difference in how you feel, all the better. 
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  • Sue Ekins Thanks, Dawn. I've got a couple of trips out of town this summer - maybe after that I'll recommit to something like Morning Pages. I really COULD use something to jumpstart my creativity.
  • Dawn Herring I love trying new techniques if they feel resonating for me, so I encourage you to try what is on your mind.
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It's funny how we like to do things a certain way with our journals; but do we necessarily call them "Rules"? Rules often have a connotation that if we don't follow them, we're doing it wrong.
But we all know there is no WRONG way to do a journal entry, is there? But we find ways to structure our journaling which can help if we need it. It's really all about customizing our journals to our preferences.
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My answer: I think that when it comes to journaling, I make up my own rules! But I also notice that when I get into a rut with HOW I journal, it makes it more of a challenge to really hear what I need to hear. So I think changing things up, trying different approaches, helps me to hear better since I'm working with something different, which keeps it fresh.
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi For me it has been very freeing to not have any rules. The one thing I wish I did consistently (that it was a rule for me) was date my entries! I forget all the time to do that and then when I look back, I don't know when I wrote what.
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  • Andrea Lewis I don't believe in having rules when I journal--I let things flow. However, maybe this is a rule: I start with some structure--date, time and how am I feeling at the moment.
  • Dawn Herring I also date my entries, ladies, so I know when I wrote them. I usually write the hour with am or pm as well since I usually write more than one entry per day.
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi Yeah, I think dating your entry is probably a good rule.
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  • Dawn Herring I run into that suggestion all the time in the reading I do for#JournalChat. I've always dated my entries, otherwise I would have no idea when. I also record the start and end date to my entries for each journal. That gives me even more reference if I'm looking for something specific.
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  • Sue Ekins Good idea. I forget sometimes but I don't just use one journal -- I hop back and forth between them. So then I have NO idea when I wrote things sometimes. If I use the computer, I always date them - no clear reason why.
  • Dawn Herring That's funny, Sue, that you date entries with the computer but not necessarily with your written ones.
  • Sue Ekins I know, right? lol
  • Sue Ekins I read a book about Agatha Christie's notebooks that made me feel better about my journaling not being very organized. She probably had a notebook for every book she wrote--but she'd have different threads for a book spread over a few notebooks. And in...See More
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  • Dawn Herring It's all about Who You Are and what your preferences are, Sue. Your journailng practice should reveal your specific approach; and I think it's cool that you found another journal practice that looks similar to your own. Sort of validating, huh?
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Please welcome back Marianne Ingheim Rossi as special guest today as we continue our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Facebook Discussion with our topic, Your Journaling: Listen to Who You Are.
Today's focus question: Does having No Rules with your journaling practice make it more challenging or more empowering toward hearing your voice?
Mar27Journaling and the authentic lifePosted on March 27, 2014 by...
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  • Sue Ekins I like the concept of having "no rules" but I probably need to investigate additional techniques. I haven't heard of some of the ones mentioned in this post.
  • Sue Ekins I found the post most interesting and will follow up.
  • Dawn Herring Techniques are, no doubt, worth investigating, especially when one really interests or intrigues you. That's usually a sign that it's time to try it!
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  • Dawn Herring Sounds good, Sue. You're welcome to share your future results. 
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi I teach "Journal to the Self", and it has a bunch of techniques that I'd never done before. It's been super helpful. You can buy the book on Amazon (or if you live in the Bay area, that's where I teach, though I'm planning on adding some online classes soon).
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  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi The book is by Kathleen Adams
  • Dawn Herring That's a book I recommend in my e-course, A Refresh Intensive. 
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  • Sue Ekins It sounds like a great resource that has affected your life, Marianne.
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi Cool! Yeah, it's very practical
  • Sue Ekins I live in the Chicago suburbs so it's a tad too far.  But thanks!
  • Marianne Ingheim Rossi Yes, it's been a great resource
  • Dawn Herring I think it's one of the best in the journaling community, Journal to the Self.
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  • Dawn Herring The Self is Who We Are! 
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  • Sue Ekins Yes, and it's good when we can get in touch with who we really are and what we really want. Without that, some days just kind of go by in a blur.
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  • Dawn Herring Yes, it's easy to live on auto pilot; and journaling can help us break the cray speed of life by helping us slow down and get in touch with what really matters to us and what should be greatest priority based on our life values.
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  • Sue Ekins You're right, Dawn. And it can help cement our resolve.
  • Dawn Herring Yes, since we can then use our journaling to help us stay accountable to positive change we want to make, being gentle, of course.
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  • Sue Ekins Or even having a list of WHY I want to do something, helps me stick to it. My journaling helped me decide to join Weight Watchers recently, and I've been losing weight, whereas awhile ago I joined and didn't lose much wieght. This time I'm committed, thanks to my journaling. (I had WAY more reasons to lose some weight than I did for NOT losing weight. It really cemented my resolve.)
  • Dawn Herring That's a great example of using journaling to cement your resolve, Sue. Congrats on your weight loss!
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