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Monday, December 28, 2015

My 2015 #JournalChat Live THANK YOU!

This has been an exciting year for the #JournalChat Live Community on Social Media. :)

I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to those who have directly contributed to #JournalChat Live in some way, through direct content, direct live discussion, and through sharing journaling resources for those in our #JournalChat Live community.

Plus I thought a look back with the events that were held can give you an idea of what #JournalChat Live is about, especially if you're new to our community!

I was excited to break new ground with #JournalChat Live DOUBLE FEATURE Events, hosted on both Twitter and Facebook, with a full reach to both audiences and journal keepers.

Our first event was held in January  featuring a panel discussion with special guests, Vicki M. Taylor, Naomi Arnold and Rafranz Davis. Our topic was Your Journaling: Life Intentions. 

Our second event was held in April featuring a panel discussion with special guests, Madeline Sharples, Debra DiPietro, and Kelly Epperson. Our topic was Your Journaling: Mind Magic. 

JUNE was a very special time in the #JournalChat Live Community as we celebrated 5 years of #JournalChat Live! And this was the first time the event was held as an OPEN HOUSE which was a totally new approach to our #JournalChat Live Community! And we had a blast sharing THE GREATEST BENEFIT of our Journaling practice. Here is the commemorative post from that event.  Special Thanks to all who contributed to this very special event and celebration!

With Back to School in September, we enjoyed another OPEN HOUSE on Social Media, with folks contributing posts with our topic, Your Journaling: LIFE LESSONS. I shared some special guidelines to give contributors the most visibility for their contribution.  A Special Thanks to all who contributed to this event! You can view all of the contributors and their posts here.

It has truly been an exciting and fun #JournalChat Live adventure as we discussed, shared and benefited from our journaling practice and had such delightful camaraderie on Social Media.

If you keep a journal or want to, our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group is an awesome place to find quality journaling content, including journaling and art journaling prompts, blog posts, resources to sign up for, and answers to your journaling questions.

I also wanted to give all of our #JournalChat Live Community Members a heads up about a new venue I am contributing to that you may have heard about: Periscope! Periscope is a Live Broadcast Video medium where you can join the conversation LIVE! Yes! (You have to download the free app on your iPhone or Android device.) My handle you can follow on Periscope is @DawnHerring, and I have shared about My Creative Practice, including my Journaling, Art Journaling, and my watercolor painting. You are welcome to join me there and be a part of the conversation!! I am looking forward to seeing you on Periscope. You can view two of my Periscopes here and here.

So that's a recap of our #JournalChat Live year of 2015.

I so look forward to more OPEN HOUSES and Fabulous sharing on social media wherever you choose to connect.

Just remember, no matter the approach or venue, in our #JournalChat Live Community, YOUR JOURNALING VOICE MATTERS. We want to hear about how journal keeping has had an impact in your life. So, stay tuned for future #JournalChat Live topics, and join our Facebook Group where you can share your journaling content to help other journal keepers and to celebrate how journal keeping can be an empowering practice to help us all leave our meaningful mark in the world!

I wish for you the VERY BEST YEAR OF JOURNALING you've ever had in 2016!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

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