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Monday, August 31, 2015

#JournalChat Live September OPEN HOUSE!!

Hello to my #Journaling and #JournalChat Live Friends:
I have GOOD NEWS to share with YOU!

We are having an OPEN HOUSE in September...and YOU are invited to not only attend but to contribute! Yes, YOU!

I have in mind LIFE LESSONS as our topic in conjunction with Going Back To School...so what can you contribute?

As a direct result of your journal keeping practice, I'm sure you have learned some Life Lessons along the way...you know, those A-Ha moments that come as you write and you think, oh wow, where did that come from? What have you learned about yourself, your relationships, your work, your identity, your connection with Spirit, or ANY LIFE DIMENSION where you have learned something that has changed you and your perspective for the better?

I'd love to know! Journal Keeping is such a powerful, life enhancing tool, that it's worth sharing about, right?

So, you're welcome to contribute  to our LIFE LESSONS conversation for our September OPEN HOUSE on Social Media.

Here are the Refreshing Guidelines so you know how you can make the most of sharing your LIFE LESSON STORY:

1. You can write a blog post featuring a LIFE LESSON you learned as a direct result of your journal keeping practice.

2. You can include a NOTE that you are writing your Life Lesson post as a contribution of being a part of our #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE. If you include a LINK to www.dawnherring.net , which is my website, I will share a link to your Life Lesson Post on my website on my #JournalChat Live Favorites Page. 

3. Once your post is published on your blog, you are welcome to send me a link to your post direct to me by email at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com; if you send me a link, I will share it personally on social media as a part of our SEPTEMBER OPEN HOUSE EVENT.

4. You are welcome to share your post on Twitter; if you use the hashtag #JournalChat and #OPENHOUSE, I will RT it!

I am sooooo looking forward to reading your LIFE LESSON that you have learned as a direct result of your journal keeping practice. Journaling is an empowering tool...I love to show how empowering it is!

And of course, #JournalChat Live Events are all about giving Journal Keepers a Journaling VOICE so they can share how journal keeping has made a difference in their lives.

Do join us and we welcome your contributions to our September OPEN HOUSE!!

If you aren't already a member of our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group, now is the perfect time to join, so you can be a part of this OPEN HOUSE and even share your Life Lesson Story!!

Thank you all so much for being a part; #JournalChat Live just wouldn't be the same without YOUR JOURNALING VOICE! See you there!

(And don't forget to refresh yourself!)