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Monday, December 8, 2014

January 2015 #JournalChat Live Event

I am excited to announce our next #JournalChat Live Event which will take place in January of 2015! This event will be a DOUBLE FEATURE with both a Live Twitter chat as well as a 3 day Live Facebook Event on our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group.

For this #JournalChat Live Event, we will have 3 Special Guests for a Journaling Panel Discussion with our topic, Your Journaling: Life Intentions.

With the New Year just weeks away, I determined that we can show the value of keeping a journaling practice to help us be very deliberate about our life intentions (rather than calling them resolutions). And I found some fabulous journaling resources and their authors that reflect this perfectly.

So, allow me to introduce our Journaling Panel:

First up is Vicki M. Taylor. Her journaling resource is Benefits of Journaling. Journaling can truly be an "inside" business, one that helps us learn more about ourselves and our relationships with others. Vicki shows clearly how deep we can go with our journaling practice so we can grow and be true to ourselves.

Our Discussion Questions:
How can we go deeper in knowing Who We Are through our journaling practice? What Challenges do we sometimes face in the process? How can we stay aligned with Who We Are more easily through journaling?

Vicki will be our featured special guest on Tuesday, January 6th, for our 3 day #JournalChat Live Facebook Event with a focus on Align Yourself, and she will also join us for our #JournalChat Live Twitter Chat on Sunday, January 4th. 

Vicki's BIO:
Vicki M. Taylor is an expressive writing therapy coach, speaker, author, blogger, and writing coach.  She is a business owner who finds it rewarding to help others find ways to heal past life challenges.
Vicki spent fifteen years in the corporate world writing computer user manuals and training others to use computer systems. She left after a life-threatening illness that put her on six-months bed rest that gave her the courage to make a change of her life, write fiction, and begin the path to helping others. 
Helping others is sometimes a thankless job. But Vicki realizes the easier it is to be a servant of God, the easier it is to help other people. Vicki supports people recovering from, or living through a range of tough personal challenges with self-guided workshops. She developed this way to help other let go of past traumas and live more joyful lives. 
Vicki is a frequent speaker on the craft of writing. Speaking to writing groups and writing conferences are her favorite way to help writers become the best they can be.
Vicki is the author of 12 novels and novellas ranging from mystery to romantic suspense to women’s inspirational drama.
Vicki lives in Florida with her husband, American Eskimo dog, and Sun Conure parrot.
Ways to Connect with Vicki:
Social Media Platform
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Succeed at Writing / Your Writing Coach
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Our next Journaling Panel Special Guest is Naomi Arnold. Her journaling resource is 7 Journal Writing Prompts for Beginners. When I first saw Naomi's article, even though her focus was for those who need help getting started with journal keeping, I really appreciated this list of Prompts that I see as Intentions, worthy to consider on a regular basis.

Our Discussion Questions:
How can we stay more regular with our journaling practice? How can having intentions for our day make a difference? When we record in our journals how we intend to do our day, does it help us fulfill what we intend more readily?

Naomi and her article will be especially featured on Wednesday, January 7 on our 3 day #JournalChat Live Facebook Event with a focus on Align Your Day, and she will also be a special guest during our live Twitter Chat on Sunday, January 4th.

Naomi's BIO:
Naomi Arnold is a Life+Wellness Coach with a background in psychology, counselling and health.

Naomi works with women who juggle lots of balls and are so busy looking after others - that sometimes looking after themselves doesn't come naturally. They want to be big hearted and generous, but need to balance this with their own needs. Naomi helps them 'tune in' to themselves and their body, and identify their personal resources, so they can build a happy and healthy life. She is passionate about seeing caring women fully realise their potential, beauty and uniqueness, that their needs matter, and that they can be and do anything they want.

Naomi has lots of free information and resources, including a wellness toolkit available on her website: www.projecthealthyhappyme.com.

Ways to Connect with Naomi:
Social media accounts:


Our next Journaling Panel Special Guest is Rafranz Davis. Her journaling resource is Reflecting For Change, From Journaling to Blogging. What I really loved about Rafranz's article was how she used her journaling practice to impact the relationships she had with her students, making it a groundbreaking experience, which she eventually shared by blogging her experiences. She truly shows how journaling can help you make a powerful impact in your work environment, no matter what your profession. 

Our Discussion Questions:
How can we use our journaling practice to impact our relationships in the work place? Does recording what happens in our work day experience help us develop the kind of relationships we desire in our work place? How can we make a difference in our work place community by sharing what we have learned about ourselves and others with our journaling practice? 

Rafranz and her article will be especially featured on Thursday, January 8on our 3 day #JournalChat Live Facebook Event with a focus on Align Your Work, and she will also be a special guest during our live Twitter Chat on Sunday, January 4th. 

Rafranz's BIO:Rafranz Davis is an instructional technology specialist for a Dallas/Fort Worth area school district. As an advocate for passion-based learning, Rafranz uses her experience as a secondary math educator to help teachers integrate technology using innovative teaching strategies aimed at empowering students to be autonomous learners. As a writer and speaker, Davis frequently draws upon her background as a parent and woman of color to offer ideas and insight into how technology can be used in schools to not only break barriers but to provide opportunities and instruments for diverse learners’ voices. Her first book, The Missing Voices in Edtech: Bringing Diversity into Edtech (Corwin Press, January 2015), challenges schools to not only face inherent challenges of lack of diversity in decision making but also take steps aimed at changing it.
Ways to connect with Rafranz:
Facebook: RafranzDavis
Google+: RafranzDavis


So there you have it! Do come join us for our First #JournalChat Live Sunday Session of 2015 on Twitter on January 4 at 3 CST with our Journaling Panel of Special Guests, Vicki, Naomi and Rafranz. Remember to use #JournalChat in your tweet to join the conversation; then the transcript will be posted on this blog! 

Then pop on over to our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group (become a member!) for our Three Day Event, on Tuesday, January 6, Wednesday, January 7, and Thursday, January 8; we will start our festivities around 3 CST with discussion questions to get this Journaling Party Started. 

In addition to the voices of our Journaling Panel Special Guests during these Live Events, we want to hear from YOU. Your journaling voice matters. Don't hesitate to share, to ask questions and to enjoy the journaling camaraderie. That's part of what makes #JournalChat the Friendly, Fun and Inspiring environment that it is.  

I'm looking forward to some great discussion on Your Journaling: Life Intensions as we Align with Ourselves, Our Day and Our Work. Have a great journaling day! 

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