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Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 #JournalChat Live THANK YOU!

The Year 2014 is almost over, so I wanted to take the opportunity to review and give thanks to all those who have had a part in all of the #JournalChat Live Events that occurred this year! It was great fun to connect with new folks I found around the web who created great content to share and discuss as well as staying connected with old friends who have become mainstays in the #JournalChat world!

I cannot express my appreciation fully enough for the time and energy and commitment those who were Special Guests for our #JournalChat Live Events made to share their expertise and encourage others to keep journals.

I also hold great gratitude in my heart for those who attend the #JournalChat Live Events to share their point of view of journaling and how it has benefited them in their lives, whether daily, weekly, randomly or once in a while. Frequency doesn't matter; what works for you is what works! Thanks so much for taking the time and showing the courage to speak your journaling voice so others can share and learn from your journaling experiences.

Journaling is SUCH a Powerful Tool and I will continue to share the content I run into that resonates, educates and inspires as we go through life journaling and sharing our lives together!

Below there is a list of the #JournalChat Live Events I hosted this year as well as the Journaling resources from each one with the Author, their Twitter handle, and our topic each time. It was such a delight to be with each one and to connect in the journaling world!

My Journey to Hope by Lisa Arends @stilllearning2b (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: In Transition

Ways to Shift Your Energy When You're Stuck Or Overwhelmed by Jill Winski @JillWinski (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: Shift Your Energy!

What is Journaling for Creativity? by Andrew Shackcloth @J4Creativity (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: Creative Awareness

Journal Yourself Back to Life with These 5 Questions by Kristen Hedges @Kristen_Hedges
Your Journaling: Permission Granted!

Collecting Joy by Janet Nestor @JanetNestor (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: The Joy Journey

Writing and Talking Back to Your Family Members in Your Day One Journal by Bakari Chavanu
@BakariChavanu (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: All in the Family

Journaling for Health and Well Being by Beth Terrence (Special Guest)
Journal Prompt: The Perfect Now by Jen Morris (Special Guest)
Making the Commitment by Sue Ekins (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: Just Say Yes!

Knowing Yourself: What Words Inspire You? by Jill Winski @JillWinski (Special Guest)
Your Journaling: The Meaning of Words

As many of you may already know, I have hosted #JournalChat Live on Twitter for 4 1/2 years and opened a new #JournalChat Live Facebook Group back in the spring of this year and have held several events (from this list!) on our group where folks post quality content and share from their journaling experiences. You're welcome to join as a member, especially so you can access the #JournalChat Live Events hosted there in 2015. We'd love to have you!

If you keep a journal or want to, be a part of our #JournalChat community by using #JournalChat in your tweet on Twitter and by joining our Facebook Group for great conversation and information for all things journaling.

Make 2015 Your BEST  YEAR YET by keeping a Journal, which can be such a Powerful Tool of Transformation and Aligning with Who You Are. What you think matters; what you say matters. Use your journal to Honor Who You Are and then come share about your experiences with us in a very supportive, inspiring and encouraging environment.

I wish you the very best in 2015! THANK YOU!

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