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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion with Special Guests, Madeline Sharples, Debra DiPietro and Kelly Epperson; Your Journaling: Mind Magic Part I

Welcome to this ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Double Feature Event! We already enjoyed a fab Twitter chat two days ago as we discussed journaling for some mind magic.
Today begins our three day event, featuring our special guests, Madeline Tasky Sharples, Debra DiPietro and Kelly Epperson Simmons. as our journaling panel. Our focus on this Tuesday is using our Journals to Relieve Stress, and our journaling resource is by Madeline.

When it comes to how to relieve stress, there may be subtly unique things that work differently for everyone. Some methods, however, are pretty fool proof.
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Here is our discussion question for today's ‪#‎Journalchat‬ Live Session:
How does journaling help us release angst and other negative emotions? How does journaling help us relieve stress so we can get realigned and live a more empowered life?
For me, journaling is an empowering tool to unload my angst, recognize my emotional state, and determine what positive change needs to take place for my greatest well being.
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