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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dawn's #JournalChat Choice for February Featuring Special Guest: Jill Winski

Here is the Special Post I am creating to feature Dawn's #JournalChat Choice each month referencing the Journaling Resource for the next First Sunday Session of #JournalChat Live featuring our next special guest.

Our Previous #JournalChat Choice for January 5th #JournalChat Live Sunday Session with special guest, Lisa Arends:

My Journey to Hope 
Our topic was Your Journaling: In Transition.

This month's #JournalChat Favorites:

The Difficulties of Journaling and Some Useful Tips by Darius Cikanavidius

Geneology: A Journal Has Many Uses by Barry Ewell

And now for Dawn's #JournalChat Choice for the month of February, 2014:

Ways to Shift Your Energy When You're Stuck or Overwhelmed by Jill Winski

No one likes to feel stuck or overwhelmed due to what they're thinking about, right? Well, we don't have to feel that way; instead we can Shift Our Energy! In this empowering post, Jill shares several strategies, including journaling, to get our energy revitalized, small actions that can create a powerful place of peace and a fresh perspective on our circumstances.

Jill Winski will be our Special Guest on February 2, 2014 for our First Sunday Session of #JournalChat Live, 4 EST/1 PST, for all things journaling on Twitter.

Our topic will be Your Journaling: Shift Your Energy!

Join us for our next Sunday Session on 2/2 using #JournalChat in your tweet.

Here is Jill Winski's Bio:

Jill Winski is a writer, a creativity coach, and a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. Her own fears inspired her to create The Artist's Nest, a safe place to talk about creativity, self and getting unstuck.

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