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Monday, December 9, 2013

#JournalChat Live Review of 2013: Thank YOU!

I always find it fitting to do a review and thank you to those who have made #JournalChat Live the inspiring and fun conversation that it is. I so appreciate those who create the fabulous, insightful content I am always delighted to find and choose for #JournalChat Pick of the Day (now Dawn's #JournalChat Favorite in 2014) and then featured as #JournalChat Pick of the Week (now Dawn's #JournalChat Choice in 2014), which makes it the chosen Journaling Resource for our chosen topic each week (now each month in 2014).

I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the awesome content #JournalChat has featured in 2013 during our sessions of the live chat that gave us such fabulous fodder for discussion, ideas and inspiration. I especially want to honor those who took the time to join us as special guest and contributed to our conversations this year.

Journaling by Rachel Thomasian (special guest)
Your Journaling: Your Thoughts Re-purposed
Review 2012: Ten Journaling Questions to Help You Reflect on the Past Year by Rosetta Thurman
Your Journaling: A Vital Vision
Create the Life You Want-Start an Action Journal by Sherri Carter (special guest)
Your Journaling: Take Action!
Uniquely You by Rachel Thomasian (special guest)
Your Journaling: A Personal Perception
How to Restart Your Journaling Habit by Nathan Ohren (special guest)
Your Journaling: A Habit Worth Keeping

Write Your Way to Change in the New Year by Debra Marrs
Your Journaling: Making Change
Keeping a Cancer Journal: Your Private Healing Journey by Dr. Laurie Nadel
Your Journaling: A Healing Pathway
The Benefits of Keeping a Work Journal by Madeline Stilley
Your Journaling: Work Wisdom
Taking Action on What You Know by Jill Winski (special guest)
Your Journaling: Stay Connected

Tossed Aside by Daisy Ann Hickman
Your Journaling: Changing Perceptions
Feed Yourself Images-It's Good for You by Jill Winski (special guest)
Your Journaling: This Present Moment
I AM These Thirteen Things by Debra DiPietro (special guest)
Your Journaling: How and Who I AM
Which Is Better: Inspiration or Influence? by Cynthia Morris
Your Journaling: An Inspiring Influence

Emotional Vomit on the Page by Julie Luek (special guest)
Your Journaling: Listen and Learn
Continuous Reinvention=Blossoming Potentials by Tina Bradley (special guest)
Your Journaling: Shake It UP!
How Journaling Pushed Me Beyond My Limits by Joseph Bernard, Ph. D.
Your Journaling: The Voice of Knowing
Inviting Silence by Daisy Ann Hickman
Your Journaling: Golden Silence

Purposeful Pathway Biz Tip: Business Journaling by Caroline Gavin (special guest)
Your Journaling: Business Basics
12 New Ways to Get Your Journal On by Stephanie Seibel
Your Journaling: New Frontiers
Journal Writing: Tweets for the Tweeps by Mari McCarthy (special guest)
Your Journaling: Keep It Brief!
Creating the Space for Self Exploration by Isabelle Rizo (special guest)
Your Journaing: Day Dreaming
Reflections on My Mother's Circle of Love: A Memoir Moment by Kathleen Pooler (special guest)
Your Journaling: Honor the Love

"Dear Journal" -Journaling Insights #2 by Juliet Platt (special guest)
Your Journaling: Self Talk
Journaling Time: Let's Take a Fearless Inventory by Terri Cole
Your Journaling: More or Less?
Journal Writing: 5 Smart Reasons Why YOU Should Start Doing It TODAY by Ericson Ay Mires
Your Journaling: Don't Miss Out!
Why You Need to Run a Timelog (and how to do it) by Scott H. Young
Your Journaling: It's About Time

Journaling Your Way to Personal Growth by Marquita Herald (special guest)
Your Journaling: Ask Empowering Questions
Comfort in Journaling by Susan Wilson (special guest)
Your Journaling: Reconstruct Your Life!
Happy Beads by Juliet Platt (special guest)
Your Journaling: What Makes You Happy

Journal for Decision Making by Mari McCarthy
Your Journaling: Go Deep with Decisions
Christian Journaling: Will Letters to God Overcome Resistance? by Thomas Freeman (special guest)
Your Journaling: Find Your Niche!
A Two-Step Journaling Process (for when you're feeling stuck or scared) by Jill Winski (special guest)
Your Journaling: Safe Expression
What's Your Story? by Debra DiPietro
Your Journaling: Story Telling
"What Should I Write in My Journal?" by Quinn McDonald
Your Journaling: List Love

The Dark Side of Journaling by Leary Gates
Your Journaling: From Dark to Determined
21 Ways to Use My Notebook by Mike Swickey
Your Journaling: Journal Jottings
The Simple Way to Leave Your Stress At Work by Drake Baer
Your Journaling: De-Stress With the Best!

Journal, Breathe, Dissolve by Cate Baily
Your Journaling: A Mindful Mission
Journaling Exercise: The Stop Doing List by Dolly Garland
Your Journaling: STOP it!
5 Alternatives to Gossip by Hannah Braime (special guest)
Your Journaling: What Are You Talking About?
Creating a Positive Perspective by Katie Robinson (special guest)
Your Journaling: What You Expect

5 Powerful Journaling Tools by Vicky White
Your Journaling: Access, Ask and Answer
How to Know When It's Time for a Change by Hannah Braime (special guest)
Your Journaling: Dimensions of Change
How to Heal Through Journaling by M. Shannon Hernandez (special guest)
Your Journaling: When It Hurts

Unpack Your Bags: Guilt Trip's Over by Terri Cole
Your Journaling: What's Really Wrong?
Journal Power: Playing with Words by Mari McCarthy (special guest)
Your Journaling: It's Playtime!

As you can see, #JournalChat Live has been loaded with some fabulous, insightful and even life-changing content when applied consistently and with heart in our personal journaling practice.

I want to especially thanks those who have attended #JournalChat Live and contributed to the conversation to make it insightful, inspiring, fun, and thought provoking. I appreciate folks being willing to share their personal journaling experience publicly on #JournalChat Live so others can benefit from their experience. Folks have shared journaling ideas, opinions, the pros and cons of journaling by hand versus on computer, journaling with non dominant hand writing, using prompts and tips, making lists, using journal entries as a start to poetry, memoir writing, essays and blog posts and a host of other things we talked about! Wow. What an amazing journey. THANK YOU!

I want to sign off by mentioning the change to the #JournalChat Live schedule for 2014. #JournalChat Live will be convening the first Sunday of each month at 4 EST/1 PST on Twitter using the #JournalChat hashtag in our tweets.

I have made some changes to the names of what I choose as well to accommodate and refresh things a bit. What was once called #JournalChat Pick of the Day is now called "Dawn's #JournalChat Favorite" to be posted at a time she determines with her new schedule. Stay Tuned!

What was once callled #JournalChat Pick of the Week is now called "Dawn's #JournalChat Choice" which will be the featured journaling resource for our monthly live chat session.  Stay Tuned for that announcement!

If you don't want to miss a thing, you might want to sign up for Refresh Journal which now will be published on the Thursday before each monthly #JournalChat Live Sunday Session. Refresh Journal will contain the links to Dawn's #JournalChat Favorites for the month and will feature Dawn's #JournalChat Choice. Plus all the other goodies I normally provide such as refreshing tips, The Artist and more.

Each month, I will publish a post featuring links to Dawn's #JournalChat Favorites for the month as well as links to the #JournalChat Choice for each month featuring the author of the post who may also be special guest. So keep a look out for that info! This will also be linked in Refresh Journal for your convenience.

That sums up my 2013 #JournalChat Live Celebration! Thank you all. And see you in 2014!


  1. Happy Hollydays to you Dawn and thank you for all you do for us Journaling Journeyers. WriteON!

  2. It's my pleasure, Mari! Be refreshed and thanks for your kind words. :)