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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Attention: Changes to #JournalChat Live Schedule

I have an important announcement to make for all who attend, participate and enjoy #JournalChat Live for all things journaling on Twitter.

I am making a change in the schedule for #JournalChat Live. We changed the day and time of #JournalChat Live back in October to Sundays at 4 EST/1 PST to make the chat more readily accessible to journaling enthusiasts who were not able to attend on Thursday afternoons.

I appreciate those who have supported and participated in #JournalChat Live since that change.

However, I will be changing the frequency of #JournalChat Live to once per month, the first Sunday of each month starting January of 2014.

There are several reasons I am implementing this change:
1. The amount of journaling content on the web has diminished in the last six months, so it has become a more time-consuming task to find quality journaling content to share and discuss on the live chat.

2. Due to the recovery in the economy, my office managing work for our family-owned and operated electrical contracting business, Bill's Quality Electric, LLC, has increased and more of my time and energy is needed behind the scenes.

3. My health and well being are more on the front lines at this stage of my life and I need to take more time for refreshment and self-care as a result. (I'm taking my own advice!)

4. I have a strong love for art and creating and painting, and I want to make more time to do just that. I need to follow my artistic heart in the matter.

I am looking forward to our future Sunday Sessions of #JournalChat Live once a month at 4 EST/1 PST; I do hope you will join us for these sessions, marking time for them on your calendar! I will post the date for each scheduled session on my website and in Refresh Journal which will also be published once a month on the Thursday prior to the scheduled live chat on Sunday.

I wish you all well in your journaling journey in 2014 and look forward to our insightful and fun discussions on #JournalChat Live for all things journaling on Twitter!

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