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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From the Host of #JournalChat Live: Thank YOU!

As host of #JournalChat Live for all things Journaling on Twitter, I wanted to especially take this time to THANK those who have directly contributed to the conversation and information that helps create the #JournalChat Live experience each Thursday at 5 EST/2 PST.

I want to especially thank those who have written the super-informative and inspiring posts that make our weekly journaling resources such fabulous fodder for in-depth discussion and inspiration for our live chat for all things journaling. We have covered a variety of topics which show the breadth of the benefits of keeping a journaling practice, how it can enhance your every day experience and even change your life.

The Very Best of #JournalChat Links Edition is showcased on my website and blog so folks can grab the most insightful, informative and helpful journaling information that I find and post on the web.

You can find the list of #JournalChat Pick of the Days for 2012 here.

I also want to especially thank those who have been special guests, adding their insight and personal journaling experience as author of the posts featured as our Pick of the Week, the journaling resource chosen by me coinciding with our weekly topic on #JournalChat Live.

Special Thanks to Monique Halley, Jenn Greenleaf, Mari McCarthy, Walter Chen, Rus VanWestervelt, Melanie Kindrachuk, Stephen Smith, Amber Lea Starfire, Terri Cole, Paula Onskyo, Bruce Black, Kat Collins, Joycelyn Campbell, Stacy Vajta, Sarah Richardson, Adela Rubio and Juliet Platt.

I also want to express my Sincerest Thanks to all of YOU who have contributed to the #JournalChat Live conversation. I appreciate every RT to spread the word on Twitter, every word of encouragement toward me as host, and especially the many folks who have attended and contributed to the chat as we have gone live each week on Twitter;  #JournalChat Live would not be what it is today with its insightful, lively and thought provoking discussions without YOU. I appreciate your honesty in sharing your personal journaling practices and willingness to take the time out of your busy lives to chat with other journal writing enthusiasts.

My goal has been and will be to share from my personal journaling experience, from others who have also put the word out about the benefits of journaling, and to inspire and encourage folks to refresh themselves on a daily basis in whatever way is authentic to their personality, preferences and purpose in life.

I look forward to all that is in store for #JournalChat Live in the coming year, 2013. Let us join together to encourage one another in our journaling practice, in our daily refreshment, and in our purposes in the world.

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