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Friday, August 3, 2012

#JournalChat Links Edition (8/3/12)

DawnHerring1:21pm via Facebook
#JournalChat Pick of the Day on 8/3/12 for all things journaling on Twitter: Why I gave journaling another try by... fb.me/SHp6s4AF
JournalChat1:16pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/cIZKI #JournalChat Pick of the Day (8/3) Why I Gave #Journaling Another Try by @learygates
DawnHerring1:16pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/cIZGK #JournalChat Pick of the Day (8/3) Why I Gave #Journaling Another Try by @learygates
JournalChat12:39pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/cIW4N Only Handmade Journal for Me Please #Journaling #JournalChat
DawnHerring9:45am via HootSuite
@JoLynneValerie It was delightful to have you join us yesterday on #JournalChat, JoLynne. Thanks for your super kind #FF. :)
SpiresMedia9:15am via web
RT @JoLynneValerie: I met some great ppl in#JournalChat last night... @DawnHerring@SpiresMedia @queen_elisheba @WritingYogaLet's roll out #FF luv♥ for 'em :)
JoLynneValerie6:40am via web
I met some great ppl in #JournalChat last night... @DawnHerring @SpiresMedia @queen_elisheba@WritingYoga Let's roll out #FF luv♥ for 'em :)

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