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Friday, January 9, 2015

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event with Special Guests, Naomi Arnold, Vicki Taylor and Rafranz Davis Your Journaling: Life Intentions (Align Your Work) Day 3 Part II

As I apply Aligning My Work with my journaling practice, so many things comes to mind. My priority job is as Office Manager and Director of SEO and Social Media Marketing for Bill's Quality Electric, LLC, our electrical contracting business. I journal about my responsibilities and what needs doing in the office. I answer phones and do all paperwork associated with our service. So I keep very busy! But Journaling helps me keep my head in the game so I know what needs doing each day without overwhelm.
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  • Naomi Arnold Oh my goodness, Dawn, I hear you here. I run my own business as a Life + Wellness Coach at Project Healthy Happy Me, am a writer, am the Mum of a very active toddler, am supporting my father who has a terminal illness (as well as my family + self through this time), and am always bursting at the seams with things to do. Like you, journaling helps me keep my head in the came too, keeps me in a state of calm, more focussed, more prepared, and more confident in my abilities to not only survive but to exceed in what needs to be done. It also helps me learn from past experiences, and take them forward into my next working day. In my previous role for the Australian Government Department of Health, I found the journaling was beneficial for similar reasons + more too.
  • Dawn Herring Wow, love this, Naomi. Your Journaling covers all of your life dimensions. I so relate. 
  • Carter Matthews Well I have a hard time just "saying it" aka just blurting out what is in my head, so journaling for me is a completely different and new experience for me... but the little bit that I have done so far really has done wonders. I agree with Naomi cause it helps me stay calm when I am not in the best of moods and really do not wish to be around others, but it also helps me to stay in the present moment where I can like just release all my tensions about what I have to do tomorrow, or about all the many mistakes I have done in my past too. I guess it is just like a sort of a "purge" if you will.. so I can relate too just like Dawn had said she could..
  • Naomi Arnold I love this Carter, how it brings you calm and presence. I wouldn't be surprised that by journaling and writing things down, that you'll notice that you get better at "saying it" too. When you start writing things down, expressing yourself, "purging" as you said - this seems to open up a more articulate part of ourselves and this then flows on to our vocal expression sometimes.
  • Dawn Herring I like the word "purge" Carter; sort of sounds like a release, an unfolding of all that's inside. It certainly makes one feel better! Ahhh. 
  • Dawn Herring Oh, and blurting is good too, Carter. Journals are great for that! 
Another aspect of my work being aligned is listening closely to my intuition in regards to my other online work, as writer, as artist, as host of this delightful ‪#‎JournalChat‬ community of terrific journal keepers! Whether it's filling Refresh Journal, determining what content is my Favorite and planning Events for you all.  I know that the decisions I make can impact a community, so I stay tuned in to the heart and what really matters.
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  • Carter Matthews Dawn in terms of journaling techniques.. do you use all types then, or have you?
  • Jill Winski Beautifully said, Dawn!
  • Naomi Arnold And WOW it is working for you Dawn, because what a beautiful community you have. I find that journaling has helped me 'tune in' to my intuition as well. I can honestly thank listening to my heart over my head for leading me to running the business I am running, and for it's rapid growth, and for the massive amount of career satisfaction, and sense of passion and purpose, that I now have 
  • Dawn Herring Why, thank you, Jill 
  • Dawn Herring Carter, I use all kinds of techniques. My favorites are non dominant hand writing with regular writing, dialogue (Q&A), summary and doodling. Plus I write a list of what I liked and didn't like in my day to access how things went and any changes I'd like to make. What are you favorite techniques?
  • Dawn Herring That's awesome, Naomi. It amazes me how our intuition leads us in the right direction, toward our hearts, toward what we are meant to be in the world. You can't get any better than that! 
  • Naomi Arnold Oh what insight your journal (and ultimately YOU) must bring you Dawn.
  • Carter Matthews Well that's cool. I like doing the dialogue with questions and answers too, also I like putting it in monologue sometimes too, I doodle too, or smash things together to express whatever is going on in my head at that point in time, or I will even do just free-writing. Dawn seriously though, I am going to take you up on that non-dominant hand writing technique cause I had liked how you had described that yesterday; you had pointed out some interesting stuff. Although, it will take a longer period of time for me to see some form of a "result" I do believe anything that is worthwhile is worth my time..
  • Naomi Arnold Oh yes Dawn. I was traditionally a 'head' person. A reason, logic, problem solving Queen. Now I tend to ask for my heart's opinion more often. (I did an experiment last year where I chose my heart for everything - and it had interesting and amazing results - I must write about it sometime!) I think that journaling is a great way of attending to the needs of both your head and heart, and finding a balance there.
  • Dawn Herring Thanks for your kind words, Naomi. I believe we all have a Higher YOU to listen to in our journals. And when we do, good stuff happens! 
  • Dawn Herring Great point, Naomi, finding the balance between our head and our heart in our work.
  • Pauline Harris When I was younger, I had fears of others reading my journals and either stealing them or using them against me. I learned some may do that anyways, but writing in journals/blogs/letters is therapeutic in so many ways. And if someone wants to use the writing against another or steal it, they are going to do it anyways. So I have learned to write and to be truthful in my writing. I don't use names, but I use events or emotions mostly in expressions.
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  • Carter Matthews wow Naomi now I want to try your experiment out on myself, so I can be like you now!! lol that is so cool! It is just very inspirational. Maybe you should write about it like you had said then too, idk! lol, but a lot of people would be there to read it; I'd be first in line though! lol
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  • Dawn Herring Pauline, Sorry to hear of your fears with journaling but I'm glad you have found a way to journal that makes you comfortable and that benefits you. 
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  • Dawn Herring Naomi, I encourage you to record your heart experience to show how that changed things for you; I'd love to know the inside story!
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  • Dawn Herring Hey, Carter, you never know where it might lead. It does take courage to follow your heart but it's well worth it.
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  • Naomi Arnold I suspect that many people feel and have felt that way Pauline- especially when we have had toxic people in our lives, people who have overstepped boundaries in the past, or people who have hurt us or been dishonest. I love that you have found a way to overcome this, to live and express your authentic self, and to accept that if someone misuses this for their own horrible advantages, that you will be okay in the end. And boy, I reckon it would say more about them anyways!
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  • Dawn Herring Good word, Naomi
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  • Jill Winski Pauline Harris, you are certainly not alone in having had that fear around journaling. I've had several clients who have struggled with the same thing. It's great that you found a way to safely express yourself in your journaling.
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  • Naomi Arnold Wowsers thank you SO much Carter! I have just written a note in my planner to make sure I write about it  The reason I decided to do the experiment was because I was feeling stuck in my job at the time, I knew I wanted to do something different, but I had so many damn interests and couldn't figure out where to start or how to piece them together. So I thought I'd try something different. Instead of paralysis by analysis through head-leading, I decided to do the heart over head experiment. Journaling helped with this. It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities... and presented new options or doors to try opening  If you do end up doing it, I'd love to hear how you go!
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  • Pauline Harris I remember years ago, I published a poem in the university paper about a tragic event in my life. I had fears leading up to its publication of how it would be ridiculed or used against me. When the poem actually came out, there were people who came to support me and who had their own stories to tell. It makes a difference and is beneficial to be proactive in writing.
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  • Dawn Herring I love what you said, Naomi, paralysis by analysis. That truly shows a block in our direction not knowing which way to go or feeling stuck! It's amazing how journaling can help us get back on the right track. 
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  • Jill Winski Such a great point, Pauline!
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  • Dawn Herring It's good to know, Pauline, that we are not alone; there are always others who have had similar experiences and we can be an encouragement to one another through them.
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  • Pauline Harris One thing in journalling about big decisions, I would do a list of pros vs cons and sleep on it for a few days.
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  • Indira Chavarria Wow! I am enjoying this!
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  • Dawn Herring Excellent process, Pauline. I love the pros and cons method. Used it when the situation was truly perplexing; helped give me a fresh perspective.
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  • Dawn Herring Indira, Welcome to #JournalChat Live! Great to have you. So glad you are enjoying it! Yay.
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  • Carter Matthews Pauline in all my days I have been trying to do a pros and cons list but I have long since given up because of my overthinking and me thinking and reading into much into the situation. Doing that with every detail and I drive my ownself nuts and stuff..
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  • Naomi Arnold Pauline, I feel like I could have written the exact same comment there. I too shared a personal and tragic event in my life - my head felt ambiguous about this, but my heart said it needed to be published. The amount of people it touched was truly touching. I'm so pleased to hear that you published your poem and that it had such a beneficial impact on it's readers. This tends to be what happens when we write from the heart/soul 
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  • Carter Matthews Dawn since in my personal development though (which I am working on now currently) just jotting down all the possible pros and cons on separate sheets of paper helps me not think so much, and also I make sure to use a smaller size piece of paper when I do it.. otherwise I will be there all day! lol sigh...
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  • Dawn Herring Carter, I absolutely love your explanations; you make me smile. "Nuts and stuff" is so good. Well, actually, I know you're trying to describe a challenging situation with that particular technique. Sounds like you over analyse. I think giving your mind space to breathe as you do it can be helpful. Take a break and come back to it later. Get a fresh perspective.
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  • Naomi Arnold A pros and cons list can be fantastic Pauline. And the sleep test is a beauty! I find that writing about how I feel about the big decision helps too - especially if the pros and cons list does not present an obvious case and only increases my confusion! Also, sometimes asking, if I was my best, most confident self - if I loved myself more - what would I do?
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  • Dawn Herring I love that question so much, Naomi; it can work in any perplexing or challenging situation. Loving ourselves from the inside out can truly help us see thing more clearly, takes the angst and cloudiness from our thinking. But it still takes courage to step toward ourselves since it's often what isn't expected, especially when others are involved.
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  • Pauline Harris sometimes something may be too overwhelming and we just need to let it be. We may go back to it, but we may just find more peace in letting it go. We can only truly change ourselves (and sometimes not even that...)
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  • Carter Matthews well now Naomi that is a very interesting concept/idea you had stated there about the sleep test bring a "beauty" and then I also really had liked the last question you had just posed as well: " if I was my best, most confident self - if I loved myself more - what would I do?" There is like some fire and or power that is very deep in this question here Naomi... very, very interesting indeed.
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  • Naomi Arnold Oh Carter, the pros and cons list can be a tricky one. We're all different. I personally find it a useful tool for doing a 'brain dump'. For getting all of the counter arguments out of my head and on paper. If an obvious solution doesn't appear and the...See More
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  • Dawn Herring Well said again, Naomi. We will eventually find a way and just be at peace with what is.

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