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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#JournalChat Live Facebook Event with Special Guests, Naomi Arnold, Vicki Taylor and Rafraz Davis; Your Journaling: Life Intentions (Align Yourself) (Day One) Part IV

Special Guest, Naomi shares:
"that true aligning voice knows what is best for us. And as you say, the more we listen to it, the more we embrace it and encourage it, the more it speaks up. That has been my experience anyway - the more I've moved over to listening to my intuition and embraced what it has told me, the more wonderful things that have naturally flowed in my life. Using journaling as a way to encourage this, and to get to know it more, is so beautiful."
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  • Susan Wilson I love this. I had a manifestation of exactly this today when I acted on a superfluous thought, even though I didn't want to, and received a significant blessing as I moved through it. Definitely going to act more on those subtle prompts and whisperings that come from our spirit.
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  • Naomi Arnold Oh Susan, it makes me SO happy to hear that you experienced this beautiful moment, and that it's prompted you to act more on those whispers. Big smiles from behind the computer screen here!   
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  • Dawn Herring Glad to hear of this, Susan! Welcome back to #JournalChatLive. 
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One way that I explore even deeper in my journal entries is by writing with the non dominant hand; sometimes I'm astounded by what is revealed this way. Well worth trying this approach.
Anyone else do non dominant writing?
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  • Sue Ekins I do it but infrequently-- I can't even read my writing when I use my dominant hand. But I did find it enlightening when I've done it. Makes me "go deeper" I think.
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  • Dawn Herring Glad to hear you've done so, Sue. It was hard to read for me at first too; I do it daily now since it's so beneficial. I do believe it goes deeper with aligning myself.
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  • Sue Ekins I've also done nondominant drawing but it's been awhile.
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  • Dawn Herring I do need to try doing more non dominant drawing, maybe I'll try that with one of my doodles!
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  • Sue Ekins Non dominant drawing can bring up buried memories from the past, too.
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