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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Part II #JournalChat Live Facebook Group Discussion with Special Guest, Jill Winski. Topic: Your Journaling: The Meaning of Words

One of the things I love so much about keeping a journal is learning more about Who I Am and it's also a way to Honor my Preferences.
This list making, when there is such a contrast between what you love and hate, can really show us how we think and how the meaning of these words can show us how life works for us.
For example, one of the words I noticed come up in my love list is Lighten. I talk about what that means to me in my blog post I posted.
Writing these lists, especially when we see words that keep popping up, can show us elements of our personality and our point of view.
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I love the idea, which Debra Marrs suggested, of writing lists but doing it around the page rather than in column format. That can certainly make the visual more interesting and revealing perhaps!
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