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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dawn's #JournalChat Choice for April

Here is the Special post to feature Dawn's #JournalChat Choice each month referencing the journaling resource for the next First Sunday Session of JournalChat Live. 

Our previous JournalChat Choice for March 2nd #JournalChat Live Sunday Session with special guest, Andy Shackcloth:

Our topic was Your Journaling: Creative Awareness. 

This month's #JournalChat Favorites:

Journal Power: Emotional Control by Mari L. McCarthy 

Now for Dawn's #JournalChat Choice for the month of April, 2014:

Journal Yourself Back to Life with These 5 Questions by Kristen Hedges

It isn't often that we ask ourselves what we really want in life. Perhaps we're afraid to ask thinking that what we want is unrealistic or unattainable. But there's certainly no harm in answering the question anyway and giving ourselves permission to dream, to detail and to determine that we really want to make our dreams come true!

Kristen shows how answering the right questions, giving ourselves permission to really get clear on what we want, is the perfect way to bring ourselves back to life. Our journals can be the catalyst to dream and to dare make those dreams come true. Being honest with ourselves from the get-go as we detail those dreams in our journals will help us hone in on what it is we really want and help us see what direction we should take to follow our hearts.

Journal Yourself Back to Life with These 5 Questions will be our journaling resource for our next Sunday Session of #JournalChat Live on April 6, 2014 at 4 EST/1 PST.

Our topic will be Your Journaling: Permission Granted! 

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Here is Kristen Hedges's Bio:
Kristen is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Yoga & Meditation instructor, and a wandering lover of words. Her writing, coaching programs, and classes help stressed-out spiritual seekers find their ideal lifestyle through dietary shifts, daily mindfulness, & a lot of wild soul searching. You can find her on her website, here, and at facebook.com/withonlylove

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