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Thursday, March 14, 2013

#ChickLitChat 3/14/13 Journaling for Writers with Dawn Herring as featured guest

DawnHerring6:58pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ It was my pleasure, Dawn. Thanks for inviting me! I enjoyed meeting everyone. :)#chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:58pm via TweetDeck
I want to thank @DawnHerring for her great insight and resources shared tonight on #ChickLitChatWonderful Convo & no spammers!
DawnHerring6:57pm via TweetChat
tinyurl.com/b926lou Here's a link to my weekly Refresh Journal; often contains journaling info for writers. #chicklitchat
CydM6:55pm via Web
Thank you @DawnHerring This was great & I've enjoyed being a part of it. Gotta run. Niters.#ChickLitChat
DawnHerring6:55pm via TweetChat
Here's a link just for writers from my website.dawnherring.net/forwriters.php #chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:53pm via TweetChat
@projectkathryn But what about the job do you hate; get more specific. Helps understand what works for you and what doesn't. #chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:52pm via TweetDeck
Our #ChickLitChat time is almost up- any more questions for @DawnHerring about journaling?
DawnHerring6:52pm via TweetChat
I wanted to recommend a book edited by Diana Raab: Writer's and Their Notebooks. Excellent read!#chicklitchat
projectkathryn6:51pm via Web
@DawnHerring and there is only so many times you can write "I hate my job" before you quit and find something better! #chicklitchat
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DawnHerring6:50pm via TweetChat
I love journaling at night; helps me remember what to do the next day; helps with sleep as well. It's Relaxing! #chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:50pm via TweetChat
@projectkathryn It always does, Kathryn. That release is important to make space for good energy.#chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:49pm via TweetDeck
@projectkathryn I sometimes write things down before bed, to just get them out of my head.#ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:49pm via TweetChat
It's really just jotting down your point of view on any subject, whether writing or life related. #chicklitchat
projectkathryn6:49pm via Web
I used to write a whiny, negative journal then quit but now I think it helped get that stuff out of my head#chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:48pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ Journaling can be in many forms. It's a matter of what works for you and what your purpose is. #chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:46pm via TweetDeck
What I'm hearing here tonight is that most of us are doing some form of journaling already. Now let's make it a regular habit! #ChickLitChat
jnbeverett6:45pm via TweetChat
Then there's that moment where you're at a party itching to jot down some great bit of dialogue without being obvious. #chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:45pm via TweetChat
The thing I love about journaling is making profound and even life-changing discoveries. I love it when that happens. #chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:44pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ I find my inspiration comes from my life; I always have something to write about. ;)#chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:44pm via TweetDeck
@LauraRaeAmos I hate SIRIs that listen well. Mine is feisty as hell. #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:43pm via TweetChat
@teribrownwrites Do you do three pages strictly or do you go with what comes out? #chicklitchat
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DawnHerring6:18pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ I spend an hour each morning, between my dream journaling and personal journaling. #chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:18pm via TweetDeck
@rems330 I'm intrigued by the online idea, but I also have an idea book like you. Wondering if I should spend more time there. #ChickLitChat
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CaitieQuinn6:18pm via Web
I would be in #ChickLitChat bonding with my fellow Chick Lit Ladies except for freaking new Tweetdeck#DownWithNewTweetDeck
LauraRaeAmos6:17pm via TweetDeck
@DawnMariaAZ @jnbeverett ditto what Dawn said, don't know where to start. Not sure how much there is IRL to write about, lol! #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:17pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ So do I, Dawn. You don't have to censor yourself; it's just you and the page.#chicklitchat
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jnbeverett6:17pm via TweetChat
@DawnHerring And one can fight the urge to edit while typing. I don't edit what I write in freehand.#chicklitchat
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DawnHerring6:16pm via TweetChat
RT @jnbeverett: A great way to think about it - capturing the truth of emotion at the time vs. memory/revised history. #chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:16pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ Online can work for folks who would rather journal that way or not at all. #chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:16pm via TweetDeck
@CydM @DawnHerring How much time do you spend on journaling? #ChickLitChat Do you warm up with it ala Morning Pages?
DawnHerring6:15pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ I prefer pen to paper, Dawn. It's what I always use. It flows. Plus I alternate hands!#chicklitchat
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KateReedwood6:15pm via Web
Hi!!! I made it today...almost on time :) @PiperDenna#chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:14pm via TweetDeck
@JennyL0vett I feel better considering my exercise notebook as a journal. #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:14pm via TweetChat
@jnbeverett Take a moment that is truly authentic to you and explore it. Nothing is too small or irrelevant.#chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:14pm via TweetDeck
I like the idea of having a writing free-space, where anything goes. #ChickLitChat
jnbeverett6:14pm via TweetChat
@DawnHerring A great way to think about it - capturing the truth of emotion at the time vs. memory/revised history. #chicklitchat
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DawnHerring6:13pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ Yes, I've posted many review on#JournalChat Links for Evernote. Sounds like a good one. #chicklitchat
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DawnMariaAZ6:13pm via TweetDeck
@DawnHerring Do you think a pen/paper journal is best or is online okay? #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:12pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ I would, Dawn. Doing an exercise is journaling. It's insightful and eye opening.#chicklitchat
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JennyL0vett6:12pm via Web
I have one too and never thought about that! @DawnMariaAZ #chicklitchat
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jnbeverett6:12pm via TweetChat
@DawnHerring It's been instrumental in times of difficulty, but rereading it is like rehashing old news. I'd love to go deeper #chicklitchat
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DawnHerring6:11pm via TweetChat
When you explore emotions in your own experience, it can give more insight into a character's experience.#chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:11pm via TweetDeck
RT @CydM: @DawnMariaAZ My own journaling has changed dramatically with evernote. All are done in that program with tags #ChickLitChat
DawnHerring6:11pm via TweetChat
@jnbeverett I'm glad it has worked in the emotional dept; exploring those emotions in depth can be insightful. #chicklitchat
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rems3306:10pm via Web
Oooh, I haven't been able to attend #chicklitchat for ages. How's everyone doing? Great topic tonight!
DawnHerring6:10pm via TweetChat
My personal journal encompasses all areas of my life: my family, my work, my play, my spiritual connection, and my writing. #chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:09pm via TweetDeck
I have a writing exercise notebook, but I've never thought of it as a journal. I wonder if I should rethink that. #ChickLitChat
DawnHerring6:09pm via TweetChat
I think a fiction journal can be multi-dimensional. Character studies, practicing dialogue, describing surroundings, etc. #chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:08pm via TweetDeck
How many #ChickLitChat writers use journaling either personally or for their writing?
DawnHerring6:08pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ I have several journals: personal, dream, spiritual, and art. #chicklitchat
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jnbeverett6:08pm via TweetChat
I've found journaling to be emotionally productive, but would like to move towards creative and exploratory.#chicklitchat
DawnHerring6:08pm via TweetChat
Journaling really opens up that pathways of intuition, ideas, creativity. Which can really help writers!#chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:07pm via TweetDeck
@DawnHerring Do have separate journals for each area of your life? I'm wondering what a fiction journal would look like. #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:06pm via TweetChat
@DawnMariaAZ Start with what really matters to you, what inspires you, what intrigues you. #chicklitchat
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CydM6:06pm via Web
My first time not hanging back and lurking. Hello! (lurk no more) #ChickLitChat
DawnHerring6:06pm via TweetChat
Journaling touches every area of my life: Self-care, tuning into intuition, organizing/prioritizing life tasks/goals. #chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:05pm via TweetDeck
I feel like it's something I should be doing, but I'm not sure where to start. #ChickLitChat And hello to @jnbeverett
DawnHerring6:05pm via TweetChat
Journaling is a tool that has changed my life in many ways. As a writer, artist and woman. #chicklitchat
jnbeverett6:04pm via TweetChat
Hi, I'm Jeannine, I joined your group last week, and I'm happy to be back. #chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:04pm via TweetDeck
@DawnHerring Can you tell us why you are so passionate about journaling? #ChickLitChat
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DawnHerring6:02pm via TweetChat
Happy to be here tonight! Journaling is one of my favorite subjects! #chicklitchat
DawnMariaAZ6:02pm via TweetDeck
Time for #ChickLitChat Tonight we're discussing journaling & why/how it can help you in your writing w/guest @DawnHerring of @JournalChat

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