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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Journaling Exercise: Your Emotional Barometer (Will You Join Me?)

Have you seen the journaling exercise I offer in my article, Find Your Authentic Creative Outlet? (Starts on page 25.) I am actively engaged in this exercise in my personal journaling practice and I'd love for you to join me!

It's really quite simple.

In list form jot down activities you engaged in during the day.
Write one word or phrase describing your emotion or feeling from that activity.
I put a star next to the ones I enjoyed. I put an X next to the ones I didn't enjoy.
(I also put a check mark next to the ones that were neither positive or negative but simply neutral.)

Now note the most positive and the most negative from each day and see how they compare or influence each other.

I also write a summary word to describe the overall feeling for the day.

Every two weeks, I do a journaling review compiling just the best/worst and summary word and write an insight with what might be my next step in response to what I learned about myself. I also note new refreshing ideas.

If you decide to try this journaling exercise to become more aware of your emotional barometer and find your authentic refreshment, you're welcome to share your discoveries and insights.

You can either share them on Twitter using #RefreshChat, my new hashtag for all things Refreshment oriented. (You're welcome to share your daily refreshment using #refreshchat as well!) You can simply leave a comment on this blog post or on my Facebook page where I've shared this article link. Or you can email me direct at refreshwithdawnherring@yahoo.com.

I may share your insights and discoveries (with your permission!) in an issue of Refresh Journal and elsewhere.

I hope you'll join me in this journaling adventure of discovering more deeply what works for us emotionally in finding our authentic refreshment!

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  1. Dawn, I love the new website layout. It really is refreshing! Great article and interesting exercise. I think I'll try that!