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Monday, July 6, 2015

Refresh Journal is Retiring!

Hello to Subscribers and Readers of Refresh Journal:

I wanted to let you know, after 4 years of Creative and Refreshing content for your inbox, I have decided that it's time to Retire Refresh Journal.

Many hours of energy, creativity, thought and implementation have gone in to Refresh Journal with the goal of giving you a fresh perspective in all of life's dimensions.

I wanted to thank all of those who have personally signed up to receive Refresh Journal in your inbox. I appreciate the interest you have shown in keeping up with #JournalChat Events, getting inspiration and encouragement for your journal keeping practice as well as refreshing activities that lift your spirit.

I also wanted to thank those who have read and left comments about how much you have enjoyed the content.

I decided to Retire Refresh Journal for several reasons one of which is to make more time and have more energy for my artistic pursuits, as many of you know of my intuitive watercolor painting and art journaling practices, which I greatly enjoy and I hold very close to my HEART.

In order to Honor changes and shifts taking place in my artistic and family lives, I will focus on the areas of my work that continue to refresh and uplift me as I share with you my creative perspective.

Here are ways you can stay connected with Refresh with Dawn Herring:

First, you can subscribe to Refresh Daily, my newly artistically-focused blog, where I share my artistic point of view in all of life's dimensions, including my art journal process, art journal and journal prompts, my juxtaposition wardrobe designs, my life insights, and my artistic path in general.

Second, you can join our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group where we post journaling prompts, blog posts and articles to help you with your journaling practice and give you inspiration for your next journal entry!

Third, you can connect with me on social media through Your Refreshment Connection! on my website.

And if you're looking to work with me privately to find creative strategies to activate your creative center, you're welcome to check out Your Life Refreshed! or contact me direct at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com to get more information.

I'm so excited with the artistic and authentic path I am creating for myself and I'd love to have you come along with me (If you aren't already!).

Thanks for showing interest in the work that I do; I so appreciate your kind and generous feedback!

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to refresh yourself!


  1. Dawn, way to go in chasing your dreams. Sometimes we have to let go of something good to make room for something better. We'll keep in touch! I wish you the best.

  2. I'm so happy for you, Dawn, for having the courage to focus on what brings you joy. May you always enjoy much Love, Light and Laughter!