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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Journaling Guest Post: Internal Focus by Monique Halley of Simply Bliss Life

I'm pleased to present a guest post on journaling by Monique Halley, who has been a guest on #JournalChat Live and provides fabulous journaling prompts frequently showcased in #JournalChat Links Edition. 

Internal Focus…

We can get so busy with our daily routines that we tend to move through life on autopilot. Work + life balance is an act that we all try to pull off. So much thought goes into all that we do every day, it becomes overwhelming.  According to Dr.Gersten, a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; the average person runs about 15,000 thoughts per day in which at least half of those are negative. I have also learned that 90% of our thoughts are repetitive. Having so many negative and repetitive thoughts without a filtering process will only mirror those same results in your outer world. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew of a way to prevent those thoughts from crossing over into your outside world?

Journaling…this is the method I use.

As a result of journaling I can focus internally and sort out the 15,000 thoughts I have each day.  I’m always in the life of mind, thinking about my ideas, my emotions, the next project, my choices, parenting etc…  When I absorb information I like to proceed cautiously before I react to situations. Therefore I dissect and analyze all that I’m taking in. The journaling process allows me to slow down and be present with my reality. I am then more deliberate with how I interact and react with others.  When my thoughts are clear, this helps me feel more in control and empowered and I can better confront the negative and repetitive thoughts that I consume. I’m more sure of the best and next step to take to get rid of those wasteful thoughts.
The other component to journaling is silence. When I take that time to focus internally, it’s time spent in silence and I’m strengthening my mind, clearing my heart and reinforcing my spirit. I gain such clarity and build on my confidence that it’s time well spent.
Being an introvert, I function better having time for myself and for reflection. Journaling during that time of internal focus rejuvenates me.
Be Blissful!
-Monique Halley
My Bio:
I am the creator of Simply Bliss Life blog and I’m determined to share with others the benefits of self-awareness by way of  journaling through my blog.  I’m the author of the Self-Check Journal, which helps you create a balanced life. I also offer Journal Coaching, to support you on your quest to self-discovery. My life-wisdom, experiences and skills is allowing me to help empower others. I have been Journaling for 15 years and truly know the benefits it offers. I have a BA in Psychology, which introduced me to the importance of personal development. Working in the customer service field for 13 years, has allowed me to understand human behavior and the value of providing quality service. I am a certified creative writer and I’m always open to exploring and learning more. I believe being self-aware is simply impressive and effective. You can stay connected through twitter/@simplyblisslife and facebook.com/simplyblisslife.com

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