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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#JournalChat Live Facebook Group Event: Part I Day One of Your Journaling: Just Say Yes! with Special Guests, Sue Ekins, Beth Terrence and Jennifer Morris

Welcome to our ‪#‎JournalChat‬ Live Event featuring our very first Journaling Panel with Special Guests and Group members, Beth Shekinah Terrence,Sue Ekins and Jen Morris! I'm so excited to have you all with us for this live event on our Facebook Group.
This is Day 1 of a three day event! September 2, 3, and 4!
Our Topic this week is Your Journaling: Just Say Yes!
Today's topic is on Saying Yes to Health with Beth's post, Journaling for Health and Well Being.
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We all say Yes to many things in Life, don't we? Sometimes we don't even realize that's what we're doing. Especially when we're on auto pilot.
This week's Topic shows that we can Say Yes to what we WANT to say Yes to and today's YES is for our health.
Yes, Journaling can help us stay healthy and enhances our well being.
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  • Sue Ekins Yes, and I much enjoyed Beth's post on Journaling for Health and Well-Being.
  • Dawn Herring So did I. I felt it was so telling; and so many may not realize that Journaling really does make a difference in our physical health!
  • Sue Ekins For those who may need it, the post is athttp://healmyvoice.org/journaling-for-health-and-well-being/
    By Beth Terrence Heal My Voice Author and Board Member Journaling or reflective ...See More
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence I have been working as a holistic health practitioner and facilitator for many years and used journaling as tool for creating change but was excited to learn of the research being done on the health benefits of journaling.
  • Sue Ekins I think the body, mind and spirit are all related. Journaling directly benefits the mind and spirit. Do you agree? But an improved mind and spirit can lead to physical benefits, too.
  • Sue Ekins Oops - sorry - I should have known Dawn would post the link. 
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence Yes, I so agree. Not only can the act of journaling support wholeness but it can be a way to explore all aspects of self - body, mind, emotion and spirit.
  • Dawn Herring It excites me too, Beth
  • Dawn Herring Thanks for posting the link, Sue the more the merrier.
  • Dawn Herring And I do agree it's great for all three, Sue.
  • Sue Ekins This is a silly question but when we say "mind" are we referring to the intellect? That is how I tend to use it.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence I wanted to share a link to this page about Dr. James Pennebaker, who I mention in the post. It includes several of his recommended writing prompts.http://www.utexas.edu/features/archive/2005/writing.html
    Visit the UT Austin Facebook Visit the UT Austin Flickr Visit the UT Austin Twit...See More
  • Dawn Herring Yes, I would agree with the mind being the intellect.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence Yes, I would say intellect and thought patterns as well. I guess that's why I tend to frame things as body, mind, emotion and spirt.
  • Sue Ekins Regarding this post, Dawn, you're right, we say Yes to so many things. Sometimes TOO many. I recently realized I was about to say Yes to three activities I've done in the past years, without realizing that that meant I was saying No to my big dreams. Journaling helps us catch that and NOT continue in auto-pilot.
  • Princess Poetry Along the lines of physical health, Journaling makes it easier to sleep at night, easier to think things through, and easier to sort out what I would spend hours or days mentally contemplating something my Journal answers in minutes. Then, I'm refreshed and my heart, mind and soul feel lighter, happier and more content. Usually this is concerning a deep issue or question I can't answer or solve. Journaling is a miracle therapy.
  • Dawn Herring Yes, we can be deliberate about our choices; Journaling helps us stay in tune with what we really want and what's best for us in all of life's dimensions. 
  • Dawn Herring Yes, Princess Poetry, journaling does help us sleep better at night; we release the angst and feel better as a result. Perhaps our bodies breathe a sigh of relief after we're done with our entries. 
  • Princess Poetry  Yes, I believe they do.
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence Journaling is a great way to get clarity about feelings and choices in life. Sometimes I just do a words/feelings download to clear my mind and then find that that's where I uncover what I really want to be saying YES to.
  • Sue Ekins Journaling can lead us to a better mood (emotions) and then we're more likely to want to be active.
  • Jen Mor I agree with Sue - the act of a regular journaling routine for me has helped me to feel better mentally overall, which I think leads to healthier decisions - I'm less likely to reach for a glass of wine or spend hours in front of the TV now (although occasionally these things do happen!)
  • Beth Shekinah Terrence I agree that consistency is beneficial for journaling and any practice of self-exploration or healing.
  • Dawn Herring I agree as well. Consistency makes all the difference, especially to feeling physically better...
  • Sue Ekins Got to admit, I like that glass of wine anyway, Jen!  Not every day though.
  • Jen Mor Haha me too Sue! But for years I had a few too many because I didn't know how else to process difficult emotions... now that I'm journaling regularly I find that I can take it or leave it, have a glass to enjoy rather than how I used to drink - which was not very balanced.
  • Sue Ekins That word Balance is so key, isn't it? Journaling can help us see where we're out of balance.
  • Sue Ekins Dawn, your statement above makes a good journal prompt, too: "What do I want to say Yes to in order to Stay healthy and enhance my well-being?"
  • Dawn Herring I think that's brilliant, Sue! That could truly be eye opening and then some. In a good way. 
  • For today's discussion, our Focus is on Health and Well Being by our special guest and panel member, Beth Shekinah Terrence.
    By Beth Terrence Heal My Voice Author and Board Member Journaling or reflective writing is a practice that has been around for a long time. Whether someone is a “writer” or not, really matters lit...
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    Our question for today's discussion:
    Are you aware of the physical benefits of keeping a journal and if so, do you find yourself motivated to stay with the practice for better well being?
    Have you noticed a change in your physical well being as a result of your journaling practice?
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    • Sue Ekins Sometimes it is like a spiral upward or downward. And a step forward, such as via journaling, can help us move forward in general. Baby steps are needed when we are mildly depressed or even stressed.
    • Sue Ekins So yes, I've noticed a difference.
    • Andrea Lewis I was not aware of the physical benefits of keeping a journal--only the emotional. However, I have noticed a change in my physical well being--I no longer have the aches and pains, depression and anxiety because I've journaled how my body feels which would help me get to the emotions = healing.
    • Dawn Herring That is an awesome testament, Andrea! I'm so glad you've experienced such dramatic improvement in your physical well being. 
    • Sue Ekins Wow, Andrea. I haven't tried that, I don't think. Great idea.
    • Dawn Herring I love the fact that I'm able to talk to my body when something ails me; it's amazing the answers I get. Nothing that you would figure, that's for sure. Journaling is a powerful tool for listening to our bodies and for healing them as well when we pay close attention.
    • Andrea Lewis Like Beth, I take a holistic approach to my wellbeing--it's the first thing I journal--how do I feel and if I don't feel my best--what is behind it e.g. toxic relationship, argument, denial etc.
    • Beth Shekinah Terrence I would say I have seen direct and indirect results and continue to be amazed by the many benefits of journaling. I have used journaling as a way to explore how I can listen to and support my body and create self-care plans that work for me. Also, as Andrea shared, I find it a great way to get to what I am feeling on a deeper level.
    • Dawn Herring I think it's awesome, Andrea, that you stay so in tune with Who You Are and How You Feel. And take positive action toward your better well being.
    • Jen Mor Yes and no, for me. Sometimes I have so much more energy because of journaling - it can really lift me up for the day. And last night when I got home from work, I was pretty exhausted. But then I worked in my art journal for a couple hours, because I found I had the energy to do it. Often I can stay up late if I'm journaling because it gives me the energy when I 'get in the zone', if that makes sense. Other days I'm so tired I can barely write a page! But overall, I think journaling improves my day to day energy levels.
    • Sue Ekins Sounds like journaling is your passion, Jen Mor. I love when I get in that zone and can write and write.
    • Dawn Herring I love how you mix writing and art too, Jen. I know what you mean about having energy to create. I experience that too even when my daily activities have me tired. I think it's because creating revives me.
    • Beth Shekinah Terrence I find my journals are intertwined with art and writing and sometimes I keep a separate art journal when I feel called to. It's so cool that there are so many ways to express ourselves!
    • Dawn Herring Yes, it is, Beth. I love that I have choices...written, art related, dream, spiritual...and all.
    • Jen Mor I agree Dawn that creating does revive us! Honestly, I always thought of myself as a writer - my degree is in literature/writing, I teach English and I've always written. So writing is a passion of mine. But since I've started journaling regularly, I've discovered that I'm a really visual person who also wants to express myself visually - so art journaling has been a natural extension of that. I just need more time to do all the things I want to do! Haha
    • Sue Ekins That is my problem in a nutshell, Jen! Needing more time to do all the things I want to do.
    • Dawn Herring Art journaling has its own vibe of benefits since we experience color, texture, message and image... it's a powerful combination that speaks to the soul and brings the subconscious to the fore. That's what I love about it. It's another great tool for listening to our bodies.
    • Dawn Herring One of the issues I address is being able to create a lifestyle of refreshment...making it priority, whatever that may entail: Journaling, creative pursuits, or whatever feeds our soul.
    • Sue Ekins I recently did a collage that helped me clarify some issues about my Women Making Strides theme and my writing. I don't actually have an art journal but can see it would be beneficial, Dawn Herring
    • Dawn Herring Oh, I love collage too, Sue. I do a lot of that in my art journal. It's so much fun...the color, the texture, and freedom to put things where I want to.
    • Jen Mor I think it's really important, Dawn to make time for 'whatever feeds our soul' as you say. Often when we are busy 'luxuries' like journaling or creative pursuits are the first things to go. But, I've actually found that they aren't luxuries - they are what keep me sane. If I go more than a couple days without journaling or doing something creative then I lose touch with myself. If I'm not my best self, then others around me suffer. So it's essential that I make time for these things, and that if I need to I remove OTHER things from my life. They must be a priority.
    • Sue Ekins I'm so glad to hear you say that, Jen Mor. It affirms a recent decision I made via journaling about dropping a few activities so I can focus more on writing. http://womenmakingstrides.com/2014/08/23/needing-to-focus/
      “Listen for the call of your destiny, and when it comes, release your plans and ...See More
    • Dawn Herring I love what you said, Jen. I don't see them as optional either; that's why I encourage a lifestyle of refreshment. We need not wait until we are completely depleted to do something that fills us up. Instead we can relish that activity when we need it and then make our meaningful mark in the world, starting with our families and relationships. It's not selfish; it's essential.
    • Dawn Herring It's all about prioritizing what really matters to us, and that includes our dreams. 
    • Sue Ekins And we can best accomplish our dreams if we're coming from a place of good health in body, mind, and spirit. (Emotions, too.) It's critical to take care of ourselves. Then we can better use our talents and accomplish our dreams.
    • Beth Shekinah Terrence I have a regular practice now of creating my own journal with a composition or sketch book and collaging it. I also do some of the inside pages with words or images to use as prompts. I learned this from my colleagues at Heal My Voice and it has become a regular practice. It allows me the space to create and write and it evolves as I do. I am so joyed at all of the inspiration here today. Thanks everyone!
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    • Dawn Herring I Love the idea of using an image as a prompt, Beth. I use images in my art journal sometimes and the message sometimes reflects what that image is speaking to me. But I love the idea of writing an entry with an image. So much can be learned intuitively.
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